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  • Thomas Gordon


  • The Consumist

    The only thing that makes no sense is the marketing spiel. As he's making a fucking comedy show marketing his own self!


    Genuine Intellectual, Rest in spacial awareness my brother


    the same freaks that worship religion and government are the same ignorant dumbasses that vote… they are equal to murderers and rapist…. guy mullins

  • Tommy Walker

    Im trying to be a comedian, Is my stuff any good? While you are there will you click an add? Ill do the same for all yall who tell me youve subscribed


  • James H

    I love Bill Hicks, but I know the powers that the Executive Branch of the US government has. They can't do any of that shit. Keep blaming Presidents for the deeds of Senators and Congressmen and watch what unfolds. Morons.

  • Kaylah Mcnair

    The goat boy bit is so hilarious

  • Anthony Raymond

    Not as funny as his Alex Jones bit imo

  • Cartman

    thunk thunk, so true

  • dmt dmt8

    . Here is what is known about seven key JFK files — containing more than 3,000 pages of material — that the CIA is still keeping out of public view until October 2017.

  • An Actual Brick

    I sexually identify as goatboy

  • lonewolf5460

    When people hear I don't believe then hear me say thank god. When I thank god, I mean thank the infinite that out of the many possibilities in this universe that this one is my reality. God is just the infinite possibility of life we are here because there are an infinite amount places where we are not, we are not created as a plan we are just a possibility that exists in our reality. IE just enjoy the moment and the ride people.

  • lonewolf5460

    I thought the idea of information control was far fetched when i was younger. Remember the g7 meeting they had the riots portrayed on the news. Reality was youtube was new at the time irc chat was still really big for getting info and video leaked out about military police talking people and using suppressing equipment light aand sound stuff they said they would never use, the revolting againt them. They were portrayed as unruly rioters. Those videos disappeared off of you tube and the media just acted like it never happened. Also when i was a child my dad had an unlocked receiver for the satellite we got channels from Canada Europe brasil and the us i would spend hours watching news. My mom always though it was porn the Brazilian porn while awesome the news intrigued my mind more at 13 somehow . You would see the same story repeated in different ways to different people and that always stuck with me if its the same story it would only be told one way right? So advanced was this receiver that if used it manually and scanned while moving the dish around to pick up any signal out of the sky you could pick up news truck broadcasting video raw before it was used for broadcast. They raw video and the story on the news hours later never really lined up. At 13 I knew how to align the dish to watch anime and nasa broadcasts raw then put it back so my mom could watch Seinfeld on west coast time.

  • Sem Nome

    This guy was the Joker.


    Love Bill Hicks greatest comic America has ever produced soo good that Hicks made it in Britain instantly thousands of fans in theatres Brits having the best sense of humour in the world far superior comedy and comics. Bill revelations stand up is brilliant best American comic taking the love that Brits have they say Bill is funny as fuck take it too the ducking bank Bill Hicks is supremely great made it in the uk instantly almost British have the best sense of humor in the world by a long way , British fans are demanding of the best comics best comedy which Hicks delivered hence Bill being sucuessful in Britain too good for America which is why Bill never succeeded properly in the states Bill was above far beyond the Yankees audiences . Brits say Bill is great take it to the fucking bank …. Americans comics with sucuessful careers in USA generally are deemed below average to Brits who have the best sense of humour Hicks recognition in uk soon after British audiences saw bills act is the official great approval unlike all America has offered since and before have not come close to bills standing in comedy in Britain Bill is the best comic America has produced love the uk .

  • Alcagaur1

    I miss this viewpoint so much, but I honestly can't imagine him not being hospitalised (at the very least) by the strain this election cycle would have put on everything he held dear. Two candidates, neither of whom any notable percentage of the population wants to vote for, and most people going for 'the lesser of evils' is a terrifying place to be.