Piers Morgan’s Life Stories – Russell Brand

British television chat show on ITV, presented by journalist Piers Morgan. Filmed in front of a studio audience, each programme is devoted to one celebrity guest.

Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor and radio host who has a net worth of million dollars. Born June 4, 1975 in Grays, Essex, England, Russell Brand gained attention because of many things he’s done.

This is the first episode of season five from
Saturday, April 16, 2011.
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  • dismas67

    two fannies……

  • Afro Wigger

    I came to see his hair in the thumbnail

  • Luke Ali

    he is a very interesting person

  • jaybone23

    He's at his most Rocky Dennis-looking here.

  • Mme.Tenebrae

    His mom seems to be so sweet. I'm really happy for her that Russell got back on track in time.
    Too bad he and Katy didn't last, they were a nice couple.

  • A friend

    Brian Gerrish, exposing the Government and EUs (Vatican Jesuits) use of Hypnotism technique called Neuro Linguistic programming, to make people suicidal on purpose… ALL BRITISH go Immediately to Brian Gerrish Video called "ARE OUR CHILDREN SAFE…" on you tube.    The Vatican and Governments using hypnotism in schools and military, and all training.. to cause anxiety, depression, fatigue and suicide.   wake up.

  • Ya Boy

    Why he look like when squidward got plastic surgery in that one episode of spongebob

  • Rachel Eade

    Don't vote = no Democracy…What does he imagine would replace it(not a question)

  • Tina Huston

    He's SO goddamn ugly. Jesus.

  • Evie Rice

    whats the song playing in the background at around 40 minutes – 45 mins, really bugging me!

  • Pizza Cat

    Let's bring up his recently recovering addiction! "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHHHAA"

  • TonyMon16

    22:38 " no such thing as a old junkie" … i have met many, many, many people who can squash that rule. The mainstream medias gets drugs and addiction wrong. Im so glad Russel sees the truth now. I used heroin and crack for 15 years ( on and off but more on), and i swear to god i am 100% normal. Most people over the age of 25 are able to use drugs responsibly provided they have care about their lives.The problem is when thse young guys get their hands on it, or when mentally disturbed people. I wish they just decriminalize all drugs its the humane thing to do. People who need help can get help and the ones who can control their highs can keep using without going to jail.

  • j smith

    dude… russell as willy wonka would be AMAAAAAAZING

  • Flor de Maria Paiva Zegarra

    I love Prism album u know cough!

  • Vishal Singh

    piers morgan is another scum in this shit world !!

  • Andy Mcleod

    This so called talent is seriously NOT any talent at all! Made an 'abortion' of the movie classic 'Arthur", and continues to use tel-prompters for his stand up routines. Couldn't hold onto his wife Kate. Yet for some obscure reason he gets air-time. Not even remotely funny is any sense of the comedy world. Just 'toss off' dude!!

  • Lisa Galgey

    This is the most real I have seen you Russell