Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist Movement Founder on TYT

Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist Movement Founder on TYT

This week, Cenk Uygur sits down with Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist movement and creator of Zeitgeist, The Movie. The Zeitgeist movement’s goal is to create global sustainability by changing established social systems. Can people save the world by changing socially? Is the market economy responsible for corruption, and is it serving its original purpose? Does the market economy leave room for true freewill, and is it truly possible to shed ourselves of material goods? Is Wall Street and its influence creating a sickness among mankind?

Cenk Uygur talks to Peter Joseph in-depth about the Zeitgeist movement, answering questions including how it would work, if it could work, and why the current social structure needs it to work.

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  • kennicillin

    Cenk, you stupid fucking blockhead.

  • Video animation

    is he anyhow related to Snowden he talk like him even his face and the way he talks

  • razvanon

    look up for the outtakes i've upload on my instagram !

  • Mike C

    you tell him peter hes not thinking broad enough

  • Emmanuel Tomes

    Cenk's ignorance just oozes in this video. It's obvious he has very little interest in absorbing what Peter is saying. I think it's funny how he retorts points by Peter about human nature, points backed by tons of research and studies with "Well, I think that's wrong. I think this other thing" that is backed by nothing but observation and plays perfectly into the dominating, destructive mantra pushed by corporate America.

    This video exposes (among other videos) that Cenk is not interested in good social ideas. He is just a niche media pragmatist interested in money. TYT as a whole reflects that and is just rehashed mainstream media propaganda.

  • Jonathan Torres

    What peter proposes is extremely difficult, but possible and probably necessary. Hes a great thinker, like plato and aristotle he is a TRUE PHILOSOPHER

  • Nick U

    I'm so glad i stopped watching TYT and am no longer a member. yes, money out of politics is a great stepping stone. But they don't talk AT ALL about the root of the issues when it comes to crime, poverty and war. and what Can actually solve it. I try to contact them via Twitter. and all I get is crickets. It's quite sad. only Wesley Clark Jr. is interested in the concept of a NLRBE. add @wesclarkjr and tell him to look into it more and tell TYT to delve deeper

  • EJ

    Please have this guy on again, Cenk.

  • AGTRigorMortis “AGTRigorMortis”

    Here is why a resource based economy makes the most sense if distributed equally and does indeed use automation.

    1) It doesn't use a currency, therefore not wasting precious metals and paper and is more resource efficient.

    2) It's fairer, because what people get is based on what actually exists and the abundance of it, not what other people say you can or can't have.

    3) It is far less likely to encourage corruption

    4) Since blackmarket crimes are motivated by profit, those will disappear.

    Whether or not people will move onto this economic system depends on how smart people are and what politician gets elected, because there are certain kinds of people in our world who will do anything within their power to stop this from ever happening.

    I've seen people accuse Jacque Fresco of promoting a tyranny and that must derive from him not supporting a libertarian economic system. At the moment western economics is based upon opinion and notions of deserving or undeserving, i.e justifying inequality.

  • Red zest


  • SmokingJoePot

    @15:13. People love to do things that help others, they really do. Not only that but also, everyone's dreams can now be fulfilled now that money isn't in the equation. Jobs would be easier to get. Anything you dreamed of becoming can now be a reality. People would not need to steal or break any real crimes because everything is available. People will be alot happier doing what they love instead of doing what they can for money. We want to do what we love not what we can for money. It complicates things when it's about money. Money changes people. Moneys talks bs walks. We can now help people and it can be free. Help is really only supposed to be free. When money's involved it isn't help, it's a service, a business, a duty, a job, a religion, a marriage. We hide behind our badges, robes, and suits as an excuse to do this to other people and it creates a separation between the unified creation which is us. All anyone has ever wanted was to feel a sense of security, comfort and acceptance. What we need to do is change the environment so that it changes the people in it. When a flower doesn't bloom, you change the environment in which it grows, not the flower. It's like driving through a nice neighborhood, you can tell it, in the people that live there, they feel better about themselves and feel alot safer knowing everyone is accounted for and taken care of. This is love for our people. When the power of love overcomes the love for power, the world will know peace. The world is really yours to begin with. When you are born, you're accepted regardless of what anyone says and you'll be taken care of. If you go to a bad neighborhood everything is neglected, even the landscaping, nature, scenery, and atmosphere is like a nuclear fallout.

  • Francis Hughes
  • David Rodriguez Elatrianking

    this guy is just ripping it up

  • David Rodriguez Elatrianking

    you cant expect this one guy to give you all the answers to create the perfect society?!

  • Ronny Smith

    is cenk uygur what name is that . Christian. Muslim. Buddhist. Hindu. or JEW. I wonder.

  • Derek Syroka

    So we need governance because we have a large population and rules have
    to be enforced in order for us to live together productively. The only
    time the "state" fails is when power is distributed to few individuals
    instead of the mass population. No one should live in excess (Peter
    actually touched on this). I would say that the single family income
    household threshold for our country should be $1,000,000.00US. That
    includes the amount of your property not just what you put into the
    bank. All banks, courts, no governing agencies like bureaus.
    Communities need to punish and negotiate any wrongdoing between their
    resident and the community of the other parties involved. We need to
    take back the responsibility of all that we do and stop brushing it off
    to the authorities we have appointed over us. I don't think there
    should be any office higher than a mayor of a city and even they would
    have to be controlled by their community. I do still believe in our
    military as I am part of it. We have seen the corruption even within
    our ranks. But no matter what system is in place nothing will work
    properly until you eliminate the need for greed. Distribute the power
    fully, strengthen the communities all the way to the next door neighbor
    relationships. Grow community gardens within each subdivision to
    eliminate hunger and slaughterhouses. We still need our innovations and
    large producers to keep us on the global market. Unlike now where we
    are the country who prints money privately so there is limited control
    on it, we need to find a new form of currency that cannot be corrupted.
    So start having your community meetings, walk door to door find ways to
    connect people with the help that is literally down the street so they
    don't have to depend on this debt enslavement of a franchised country we
    have. Let's prove to the world that the reason why they look up to us
    for help and inspiration is because we as Americans will do whatever it
    takes to set things right.

  • John Thomas

    I watched this video twice. The part where they were discussing who would handle making decisions seemed to be handled poorly. On one hand Cenk was trying to relate it to some sort of god figure and the guest had no coherent answer. To me it seems obvious what decision making process Peter was describing. You have a product, you have a group of people to use or consume the product then you have a market. I got the impression that Peter has a distaste for the idea of a market, but call it anything and it's still a market. People will use the product and if it is unpopular they will use, demand, or innovate something else. This process will also drive the distribution of resources to the producers that need them. Thanks to good old crony capitalism we already have effective networks of distribution set up that could be redeployed to benefit society as well.