Peter Joseph: Zeitgeist Movement Founder Goes Off the Grid | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid – Ora TV

Peter Joseph: Zeitgeist Movement Founder Goes Off the Grid | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid – Ora TV

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Zeitgeist founder, Peter Joseph, joins Jesse Ventura to discuss the concept of a resource-based economy. With all of Earth’s resources in decline, it is time to scientifically manage the ones we have left. In this brand new episode of Off the Grid, Peter Joseph talks about the benefits of moving away from a market economy toward one that is based on resource management. According to his model, crime rates would go down across the globe while personal happiness would go up. Do you think Peter is on to something? Sound off at

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  • Poet of the Piano

    Just think of the advancements human society could make without financial constraints where its just based on ones ability to create something rather than whether its economically profitable to do so.. We have gone as far as we can go with this financial debt based system, its in its final stages. The system has been an abject failure if only 1% of people truly benefit from it. Change is always painful especially for those most dependant on the system and resistant to change, but the change is necessary if we want to truly advance ALL of humanity.

  • MWH Youngevity

    This is human evolution in it's truest sense and he's not alone. Check out the Venus Project for more details about a resource based economy. Unfortunately at this time selfish motive for profit, power and control is against it. I don't think it will happen in our lifetimes but in my opinion this is what a more enlightened and humane Global society would look like. Removes the incentive for war. Nothing to fight for. Think "Imagine" by John Lennon.

  • Samantha Facultad

    i never expected this kind of enthusiasm and optimism from the mind behind zeitgeist. he is truly enlightened :0

  • Red zest

    when are we gonna get jesse ventura and peter joseph discussion part 2

  • Stannis Baratheon

    I consider myself an adaptalist basically what's good for me and mine is how I operate and unfortunately teaching children about this kind of world will only skew their adaptability to a spectrum (even such a nice one as this) that handicaps their ability to engage in the savagery of anarchism or corruption of capitalism to survive and flourish. I will definitely make this life ideal a card they can play should the world throw a curve ball but right now I am teaching them moral and truthful responsibility in a fluid imperfect world. basically libertarian but with a pinch of keeping your mouth shut and assets hidden as people are rapidly becoming products and an opinion can destroy a products sale potential. a master of this is will Smith even though his wife is a raving hypocrite and his children are brats you never see a chunk in his armor or an outlandish statement unless he has to endorse it for those who give him power. AND EVEN THEN it's tame and forgettable.

  • Stannis Baratheon

    a resource based community means inevitable inequality and need policing which in itself will mean bias towards those who can produce more efficiently comparative to those who don't or refuse. corruption is a natural causality of a finite based sharing system. you can sell eggs from chickens and wheat from the fields all you like but if I decide to roll up with an AR15 and an empty stomach or a family in distress then none of your drum circles and solar powered contrivances will deter me from survival. The human will to survive above all obstacles is both our greatest strength but can also be a crippling weakness with a skewed world view. Our society would be better served with an altruistic meritocracy where title and privilege is based on merit service and true sacrifice imagine a world in which all elected presidents were killed upon their new 10 year term. some may think this madness but sacrifice is the only measurable currency of a leader I will abide by. I served my country 4 years overseas and despite race creed or opinion there were men who I would March into hell for because of the risk they needlessly were willing to take for others. Tyrants live well but Marty's live forever.

  • Phoenix Reside

    I'm behind it all the way.

  • Disgusted1 481

    I've been following Peter since the first Zeitgeist came out.. his ideas depress me, only because it seems like it's the best option going forward.. but 90% of the citizens of the world would label RBE as socialism, idealism, utopian society..or find a way to equate it with evil.. very sad that it's unlikely to happen any time soon…
    I believe this is the future.

  • ff cc

    can we stop talking about this and start a war over this ?

  • creamone

    We need mass unity to fight the elite and the market system by voting independent or don't vote. By everyone stop paying their mortgages, credit cards, school loans, etc.. We can collapse the system. Then maybe we can transition over to a RBE.

  • Oberon Pan

    Anyone who can watch the Zeitgeist film series and not end up advocating the NLRBE is either mentally ill or retarded. (Yeah, I used the R-word. Deal with it.)

  • Paul Thomas

    This has to happen or we're doomed……