Peter Joseph, ZDay 2016 “Where we go from here” March 26th, Athens Greece [ The Zeitgeist Movement ]

Peter Joseph, ZDay 2016

Peter Joseph, ZDay 2016 Talk: “Where we go from here” March 26th, Athens Greece. From the 8th annual Zeitgeist Day.
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  • Flying Spacerock

    Negative ass presentation. White people are a terrible virus on this planet. Earth will be fine. Humanity is in Danger!

  • Flying Spacerock

    Where's the Documentaries? I can watch them over and over. Ya'll fallen off. BADLY. Usually when this happens you are co-opted. Not even a new 'culture in decline'

  • worldpeace05

    Best lecture ever

  • echelon2k8

    23:07 Why "inequality" is better for everyone. Whoops.

  • Michael Goguen

    wow powerful talk. sucks to end on a down disempowering note tho… leaves people depressed (and more likely to tune out) rather than energized to make a difference…

    we all (who know this stuff) have despression and disempowerment moments when dealing with this really big, tough stuff, the mess of the world, but I think it is important to be mindful not to force others to experience our suffering and feel our disempowerment. if we are suffering, certainly we can seek empathy, or express our feelings, but i don't think making people feel powerless and overwhelmed and sad and to turn away and hide from the problems is the approach that will be effective in changing things, or getting a motivated response to the problems… we don't have to end with easy answers or false hope necessarily, but just like opening up to what is being done, how people are responding, where there is some hope for solutions, some small things people can DO to make a difference… so people can still live their lives AND be part of the solution, rather than having to choose one, or the other…

  • Local Group Productions

    My only concern is population. There are 7 billion people hundreds of languages. How are we all supposed to communicate and get along? Inequality is real the world is mostly poor, human behavior is affected by a sick society and injustice that affects us all, some much more than others. All behavior is explained and there are reasons why people do the things they do. Getting to the heart of the matter and prevention of these sick environments can help the overall health of society. Rehabilitation is needed not punishment. But the overall population growth occurs in developing countries. I wish for a better world but can't see much of a future with resources scarce. Robotics can do much for us. High developed manufacturing can help. But any organism that overpopulates it's environment cannot exist. Basic income can happen if we use robotics and automation to achieve production

  • kristian minkov

    when will the rest of the lectres from this Z-day will be uploaded on youtube?

  • 4M

    I did a masters in conflict resolution in Amsterdam. I had just learned about RBE and VP at that time. I spoke about it infront of the teachers and they scoffed at me. The first day of class I said that peace wasn't not profitable for there is too much money to be made from war. I mentioned the fact that thte 5 memebers of the UN secuirty council where the 5 memebers responsbile for almost 90% of the weapons exports. Where is the peace? Nobody in class supported me, of the 34 students. Iim sure they just wanted their masters degrees and to get out of there.

  • 4M

    King would have said yes to Resource Based Economy. They took KIng out when he demanded economic equality. The 1% of the US must of thought….if MLK can do what he did for civil rights, imagine what he could accomplish walking hand in hand with whites and blacks demanindg economic equality. They took him out!

  • mobiusbloom

    this is childish bruh

  • echelon2k8

    Meanwhile, Swiss voters rejected by a wide margin on Sunday a proposal to introduce a guaranteed basic income for everyone after a debate about the future of work at a time of increasing automation…

  • Andi Knorke

    Guess who owned by far the most slaves over the centuries? Right, it is the rk church. Any further questions? Guess not.

  • Jeremy Colwell

    In order to align yourself with non violence……go vegan.