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Peter Joseph Founded The Zeitgeist Movement


The opportunity to sit down with Peter Joseph is a unique chance to capture a moment in time with one of the great thinkers of our generation. His first breakthrough film “Zeitgeist: The Movie” in 2007 was an unexpected success and he founded The Zeitgeist Movement on the back of his 2nd film “Zeitgeist: Addendum.” Peter proceeded to release two additional films and produced a satirical Web series called Culture in Decline.

Engineering a leaderless movement is a conundrum itself, which is why Peter rarely does interviews and instead prefers to let the movement ideals speak for themselves. In order to understand all of the tenets of The Zeitgeist Movement I recommend reading the TZM Defined Book available here

What’s next for Peter? He has been busy working on a live-action genre with his InterReflections Trilogy expected in the next few years. After producing works of documentary and satire, we can expect a new angle. As Peter says, “The beauty of art is that it sneaks behind your ego.”
TZM Defined Book:

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  • arjang jameh

    ""I could have gone onto make Domes at the Venus Project"", WOW Brian, thinking a tad highly of yourself. As if the Venus Project would feel blessed to have your help. Kind of egotistical thinking there, and to ask: How Would YOU explain the Zeitgeist Movement. As if this movement and its train of thought should be given equal footing as all other movements. No movement comes even close to us when it comes to considering all the factors that shape society and human behavior, and for this guy to think that his values come even close to the TZM train of thought…he is delusional.

    Hate to sound condescending and negative, but people don't realize that more than technology and domes and fancy renewable energy designs, this is more about a shift of social values, as my post here attempts to convey

  • Mike Gizas

    I wonder what Peter Joseph's real name is?

  • john carter

    This is THE CLINTONS STORY – a short SCRIPT of the play that goes wrong…

    Ha ha, well you're lucky you stumbled on me – i am walking talking encyclopedia, and same as wikileaks i am 100% checked and true! I know this world, been to 60 countries and islands on 5 continents, worked on cruise ships!

    The world is very small , and not much is going on ! But i been watching the Clintons for 20 years, and they got the butterfingers of Hell, everything they touched they turned into shid.

    Trump is the opposite, his father called him the golden boy, everything he touches turns into gold. Trump worked last 50 years very hard 12/h a day, and he still goes on, to Make America great again. He is direct continuation of Reagan who said We will Make America Great! Clintons never had a real job except gov’t! BUT THEY DID A GOOD JOB ON USA! “The Clintons are here!!! – reference to “ Johnny is here! – Jack Nicholson -THE SHINING!

    It is amazing what Trump says , i been thinking and saying the same things for last 20 years. His words are music to my ears, Alex jones too. We are lucky our great megaphon Trump came out in the open, and he is telling the truth on Clintons, who did everything wrong, and they keep saying “We are the Clintons , we are the best. our policy is the best.” “ Anybody else who talks bulshid about us, is conspiracy theorist. We didn't killed Vince Foster, or other 46 Americans, or we didn't kill 500 000 babies in iraq.

    We didn't destroyed Yugoslavia, those balkans barbarian butchers did it all themselves , Alex Jones is conspiracy theorist, all this people on you tube videos claiming we done some thing wrong – we didn't!”. “And the liberal world that WE hijacked in this stockholm syndrome – believes us!”

    So finaly 2016 Trump comes and tells the truth , and Clintons say -” he IS ALSO CONSPIRACY THEORIST”

    And the world stops now, and says: “Wait a moment let me go back in history 24 years, and check your Clinton steps…so everything you said, YOU CLAIM is true?” “And Trump also a conspiracy theorist! HMMMMM! ” Wait a minute, the Nominee of the Republican party, a successful billionaire , who got 15 millons votes so far in the nomination,,,he is also a CONSPIRACY THEORIST “ . “You are lying CLINTONS!”. “Oh my God, we the american liberals and neocons and neoliberals were hijacked and drugged with poisonous lies by you.”

    “Die Clintons, burn in hell, and never come back here, oh my God , what a destructive murderous couple! “And what they did – they destroyed the strongest economy in the world -USA!” “They did live vivisection and live social experiment on our American flesh, they are monstrous fake social doctors!”

    “Go away Clintons, we will vote for Trump, and WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” “We need to lick our wounds now , and slowly recuperate, but America will be great again , and the world WILL live in peace again!” “Same like in Reagan's time, when Reagan and Gorbachev won the Nobel peace prize!…what a different sad world CLINTONs created today!

    LET THE NEW SPACE AGE 2.0 BEGIN . The Clintons destroyed the benefits of our last Space age since landing on the Moon 1969!
    Writer -Kendreik

    There must be only One left in the end! We hope it's TRUMP 2016!
    HILLARY WILL LOOSE HER HEAD BY TRUMP'S SWORD – reference of Highlander movie! hehe.,.,.,,,..,

  • scott12ify

    SCRIPTURE INTERNALIZATION CHANGES LIVES!!! Scripture internalization is merely exposing yourself to the scriptures; reading aloud, listening etc, until they change your behavior! Then you choose what you want to become involved with from a rational standpoint instead of society dictating what you become involved with! ITS ACTUALLY VERY SCIENTIFIC! People today grow up in a very unhealthy environment, both emotionally and mentally; Broken homes, entertainment etc. This results bizarre incidents like the mass shootings that we see on the news! Scripture Internalization would GREATLY reduce these ACTS!

  • Onepoint21jiggawatts

    Holy crap, man… i think i've heard 2-4 thousand Uhhhs in the first 5 minutes. Work on that bro! other than that keep up the good work! ;D

  • MsScruffy4

    Makes me long for the next Whole Earth Catalog. As usual, a good documentation of the problem (inequality, poverty, war, injustice) is followed by the prediction of what will be.
    And it is technology? Nano tech and 3-D printers will save the day —they are coming.
    Waiting now. Waiting for Godot. An autonomous commune where a 3-D printer can print a house, or anything else needed??? And Nano tech – is ready and set to go? Nope.
    New Age technological determinism and utopian thinking is in fact…right from L.A.-
    of course, a MOVIE. MOVIES – wherein reality for the future is just what you want it to be.
    Operant word is….. fiction. Those elites with all the money would be smart to fund it.
    Keeps all eyes on fantastic visions and not on them. The more you learn, the nuttier –
    as all adherents of L. Ron know when they get to volcanoes with H bombs in them.
    Anything is possible – even a generation hypnotized by their alter ego, the IPhone.

  • MsScruffy4

    Stopped at 7:00 – dizzy from camera on a stick. Don't twirl with it, at least.
    Verigo. :-)

  • Dano Pierce

    I have walked the Earth 62 years and as a young man I had great idealism and was in fact quite naive. Now I see more clearly, I haver studied, read, reviews and reflected deeply on world events, religions, politics, culture, and the basic Philosophy of Zeitgeist. Our Republic has become corrupt by greed and power, capitalism has been infected by corruption, creed and an reckless abandon and selfishness. The heart and soul of our country in indeed sick as is the collective hermit and soul of the world who is ruled by powers that are nefarious and bent of profit and power above all with out regard for the rest of humanity or the Natural world. Religion has become a tool of control and divisiveness. The Powers are playing us against each other when in fact we are not so different. Ignorance grows, historical and cultural amnesia is rampant and were are disconnect from the rhythms and joys of Nature and each others plugged into little devices and electronic worlds that are too large too cold and at times dangerous. On the positive side, the internet, social media and places like You Tube cane be wonderful tools of communication as long as that remains mostly free from the corrupt powers controlling what we can watch. listen to and say. They are probably already monitoring the internet in ways that would scare most of us but we must speak, think and share ideas as noble and truthful as these. Those who are still,staunchly rooted in the literalism and corrupt powers of the past will feel uncomfortable and fight back with their own research and statistics, as flawed and ingrown as it is. The truth however is powerful and will set ups free and give us not only insight but also courage to stand against the tide of the Dark lords of politics, religion and economics.

  • Geo T

    My respect for his intellect plummeted when he claimed that the planet could support many times the current human population and somehow overcome environmental problems & energy limits. It shows a huge detachment from reality, considering the huge amount of land and resources people need for food & housing, which is causing deforestation & species losses 24/7. The traffic jams alone are bad enough. It's irresponsible to say that overpopulation isn't the biggest environment problem. See Joe Rogan's 2012 Peter Joseph interview just before the 1-hour point.

  • Amhlair

    Peter Jones sounds like the ghost of Comrade Lenin and many other historical figures – he pulls a load of bullshit out of his ass and promotes it as sooo self-evident but when you barely scratch the surface, it’s old old bullshit that hasn’t worked and never will. I
    think he knows it and is just another BS con artist wanting to make a buck off of the naive. And it's working for him, isn't it? I bet he's rich now, congratulations.