Peter Joseph talks ‘The Zeitgeist Movement’ with Joe Rogan – January 6, 2012

Peter Joseph and Comedian/Actor Joe Rogan have an informal and colorful discussion. Viewer Discretion advised 😉 [starts at 6:20]

Special Thanks to Joe and Brian Redban; Aired live on January 6, 2012: “The Joe Rogan Experience” Podcast

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  • Chromozome1205

    The idea that such a society can ever exist in reality is so ridiculous I hardly no where to begin. This entire idea is under the assumption that all humans are the same and there is no evil in the world. Which of course we all know is absolute bullshit. Just look at the Middle East. You cut the head off of a snake and another one will just grow back in it's place. There will always be evil corrupt people out there (many of them run corporations and government) looking to take advantage of you and your children and your children's children. It's a cute idea, but that's all it is.

  • Jeff

    Peter Joseph is a cult leader who is full of shit.

  • b ro

    Sign up boys!!! This is the back door to the NWO. Who is ultimately in charge of all this? Who decides whether an in individual or a group of is entitled to the resources on their doorstep? The US? Sorry to pop your bubble, but its already happening. The true aim of this movement is to move the seat of power from one group of individuals to another. The individual is very important, without an individual there can be no collective. Unless every person has self determination there can be no true "equality." This dude wants to run the world from the fucken White House??? Joe Rogan, Bro, come on. Is your American Conditioning so severe you cant see through this crap?

  • alexander arkum

    poor pj like most great men he doesnt want the massive responsibility of leading the world into light and he still trys so hard to educate from the back of class……i cant even explain how much i wanna give him a hug and whisper thank u

  • alexander arkum

    i have never had more respect and admiration for another man than i have for peter joseph

  • Dustin Allen

    Joe Rogan needs a pop filter lol xD
    Also, does peter jospeh understand, definition of words? It doesn't seem like he does, he likes to attribute his own meanings to words, or dismiss words he doesn't like. Utopia, isn't a touchy word, its a word derived from two different Greek words, being Eutopia, the ideal place and Outopia, the non-existant place, he needs to learn to take words in context.

  • abi Rich

    "Except the Ferrari" lmao… ok

  • Tyler the Creator

    what type of beer is Peter drinking here ? I hope it isn't some lame American domestic beer like Budweiser, Coors Light, or Millers.  I would think it would be some exotic import that matches Peter's diverse worldview. 😀 !!!

  • todd dyer

    Bush will be elected in the next election, two years after that, when we reinvade the middle east within those years.  The tiping point will occur some time logically after that.  The next crash will occur at some point.  The waste in war will stress the crash even more.  The next great depression will be at that point, that is tiping point.

  • Prana Khan

    Switching the relatively selfish survivalist paradigm, to being an individual with a global perspective, supporting the human race through the exclusion and dismantling of weapons of mass destruction as these are the greatest threat to continued human existence? Employing greed as a kind of utility? Absolutely brilliant. 

  • embrj145

    Joe is contradicting himself when he says he loves money, when money is biggest reason of all the problems he talks about.

  • Madam Smellypits

    Interesting that people always compare humans to chimpanzees instead of bonobos. 

  • Madam Smellypits

    "Hippy pussy lining up for you". Grow the fuck up Joe Rogan.

  • KoldLokk

    this video 2012 and he says this year and 2013 is almost over.

  • NaVi Da

    Before anyone of you step to me about this fact trying to dispute this with your fucked up religious superstitions?? I'm a researcher for The Library District in The Children's Dept for a REASON! Most likely you are RH+ not able to grasp the fact you share a common ancestor with RHESUS MONKEYS!

  • NaVi Da

    This is a Life or DEATH FACT!
    ALL RH+Mothers(99% CHIMP) naturally give BIRTH to the RH-Fetus(EVOLVED HUMAN) but Science reversed EVOLUTION when they made it possible for a RH-Mother to give BIRTH to her RH+ Fetus, for this Mother naturally creates anti-bodies to rid herself of this foreign element in her BODY! "RH Factor Blood Transfusions" "Karl Landsteiner" "James Harrison RH FACTOR
    Even a Female Horse will safely birth a Male Donkey's OFFSPRING=MULE but NOT a RH- Human Mother!