Peter Joseph Resonds to “Debunkers”

Peter Joseph talks about personal attacks towards himself and the Zeitgeist films. He analyzes the “debunkers.”

From an interview with Charlie Robinson.
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  • ZManEnt

    Peter Joseph is a very confused individual with a bullshit view point of the world. Peter, you are full of shit and your films are a waste of time.

  • Marina Knife

    Do you seriously think 'Peter Joesph' is fully educated – seen him on film saying with regards to Global Warming words to effect, WE HAVE TO SCARE PEOPLE …
    and a great number of people wouldn't be able to recognize Joseph is actually getting factual documented by VARIANT historical sources 100s or even a couple of years ago sounding
    his B/S on language simply proves he doesn't understand the basics of translation
    and actually tries to blag – he has no linguistical 'qualifications' or knowledge
    linking languages and narratives in WRONG TIME-LINES and WRONG LANGUAGES

    a prize example of typical rich-boy spoilt and INDOCTRINATED HIMSELF blagger setting himself up as a victim neat ruse his parents and family are all in the secret societies so is is!!!
    emotive clap trap and inaccurate he is one nasty lying piece of rubbish
    HOODWINKING kids who know no better louse..

  • Jake Spencer

    whether he's wrong or right, at least he has the balls to question the wrongs in establishment and society as a whole. All I'm seeing is hurt religious fanatics.

  • GlennG (Apathy Kills)

    Peter Joseph just exposes himself as a fraud here. He doesn't even attempt to address the questions about his so-called research about the Christ story. Instead he tries to sound clever by arrogant patronising. I am an investigative researcher in exposing the truth and only came across this guy during my research a few yrs back. This guy disgusts me. He makes the claim that he receives emails from Phd professors and scholars. Joseph just demonstrates his delusions of grandeur and inflated ego. It is doubtful that he receives such communications, although I agree with his view on academics as they are equally as arrogant. Peter Joseph constantly talks about himself as `me', `I', throwing out his `full name' as if nobody already knew. This is just self promotion by this guys incredible ego. He obviously has personal issues with Christianity, NOT religion, since he elevates other mystical religions. Perhaps he was molested by a priest or minister as a child. He missed his opportunity here to present himself as being objective.

  • Lanakea Supercluster

    This dude is an idiot or believes everyone else is with his wordplay

  • Jose Legaspi

    People call you to challenge your CLAIMS WITHOUT PROOF!!! because they are properly trained!!!! Wow, he sounds like the new femenists of today.

  • Felix Chiang

    Look above: "Category: Comedy" -> how true hahaha

  • last first

    Peter Joesph is awesome

  • Tim Ballentine

    People can challenge whatever they want,but if they can't prove what they say,then they are simply wrong.

  • Khonvict

    Btw, 11:00 minutes in, in the interview with Peter Joseph, he even admits he was backward with some of the ideas he had.

  • Khonvict

    All this debunking and refuting, the "your all being lied to" and the "hes telling the truth". Just shut the fuck up. Dont take this doc to seriously. Its meant to show you whats going on and how were all basically cattle in a slaughter house. Hes just trying to show us the big picture, but when you start to fact check everything he says, your bound to find him fuck up somewhere. Im not saying dont fact check him, please god do so, but dont expect 100%. This guy may be a fraud, but just exploring and talking about whats really going on should bring us together. He was simply telling us we have been misled. And believe it or not, we have. I know it, and you know it. Maybe thats why your here. The truth called us and we are here to listen to what it has to say. You can either hang up and live your life, or keep that curiosity around and listen to what it has to say. Your either for it or not. Right now, something like this is vital, he may or may not be fact based on all of his information (religion segment mostly), but its a baby step in the right direction. We need more strong minded people, ones who we can trust and know is factual, ones who dont fall for foolish propaganda and ones who value the truth and others over all. Hes just the prototype to the final product. The truth.

  • optimumpcyt


  • dragonore2009

    Agree Peter, but if you want to debunk something, next time use more facts then no facts okay? Your religious portion of the zeitgeist movie had so many holes in it that you that the biggest levies in the world wouldn't be able to stop it.

  • David Campos

    There is many things i agree with. Many i don't. I've listened to this douche talk and debate using big words to say very little for hours. Waste of my time. He is like an inventor with a great idea but has no idea how to engineer it.