Peter Joseph ~ Plan of Action

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Peter Joseph speaks volumes in spite of his interviewer. Insightful, thought provoking concepts.

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  • Cyril Pendragon

    @6:16… as I'm sure you know… dude has NO idea lol

  • ComicConcept

    His is the first good Young Turks video I've ever seen

  • razvanon

    i'm glad that he takes more and more ideas from jacque fresco and continues to spread this good movement !

  • happinesstan

    Here is my suggestion, based on life in the UK, to start the transition.Minimum wage in UK is £7.50ish p/h. unemployment benefit is £75ish p/w. Offer £15 p/h for 5hrs 'positive community action'People who work can trade 10 hrs of employment for 5 hours of voluntarism, without losing financially. Unemployed people can be encouraged to be a positive contribution to their communities. No sanctions. This would create more openings in industry whilst set the wheels in motion for a more community based psychologyPhase 2: If phase 1 is successful, some will be looking to trade more hours. When demand is high enough we should be able to offer a further 5 hrs at £10 p/h.This would give workers the ability to gain 10hrs freetime by giving 10 hrs to the community Phase 3: If phase 1 and 2 have worked better than anticipated it is very possible that a percentage of those who have gained 10 hrs freetime, will be prepared to contribute some of that freetime to projects that benefit the community, for free.

  • happinesstan

    It is not human nature to want more. It is human nature to want enough. But how much is enough when you live in a perpetual state of fear that you could lose half.

  • Awakening to oneness

    Peter Joseph arguably the most important man of our era.

  • Global Warming is FAKE

    Think i will stick with Stefan Molyneux

  • Joe Drizzle

    this dude needs to meet thomas sowell

  • Asher Blocker

    Peter Joseph is the only person I listen to on this subject. I hear the same simplistic arguments from interviewers over and over, and Peter Joseph always counters them thoroughly.

  • Anthony Serdar

    This guy interviewing him is excellent. He's one of the few interviewers who actually listens to Joseph and asks good questions or makes good arguments to challenge his points.