Peter Joseph on Stefan Molyneux: “The Art of Nonsense” | Pathology or Con-Artistry?

From Peter: “I’m sad to say I have been far too polite towards this highly distorted man who hides behind deliberate, farce logical reductions and a general manipulation of language and arguments. His personal attacks on myself and TZM are carefully cloaked in an armor of sheer nonsense and the amazing thing is – many gullible people believe him.

Everyone asked me after the fact why I engaged this guy. I did because I like to believe we all should share a conversation on such subjects and I’m not an elitist. The problem is that some people are not honest and are not interested in discussion. They simply want to “win”.

(And for those that know me, know it takes a lot to bother me as much as this guy does. Anger is not my typical path but life pressures of such create these patterns. I’m human.)

As far as Stefan M., I have to consider: is he a pathological case, not understanding what he is doing? Or is he a deliberate misleader… a con-artist – working consciously to fabricate the conclusions he seems to so desperately need? I offer a general warning to all out there who listen to this guy: Please work to think critically. This guy is a salesman of bullshit and nothing more and it horrifies me how many seem to take him seriously.

I apologize for my tone in this video essay, but please understand that I think it is warranted.

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  • itchy the 80s man

    Stephan is pretty slick talker.

  • dnbjedi

    You know who Molyneux Reminds me OF?

    The Lawnmower Man.

    /dying of laughter

  • dnbjedi

    "Heyeverybody, thisisPeterJoseph…the convolutedprecession of stigmatizing socioeconomicalstructuralviolence stultifies the standardsofhuman basic decency in stagnating really longsentences with way too many big words for no reason."

    …. (turns the video speed down to 80%)

  • David Sutherland

    "A shit obligate HAS to be right!" -W.S.B.

  • Patrick McCluskey

    Its like when I pointed out to him that there are certain Muslims throughout history who have been responsible for mathematical and astronomical pioneering work throughout the Middle Ages and were very enlightened and wise, and as far removed from having a low IQ as can be imagined. Rather than add to what I was trying to say, he shot me down with "I know tall Chinese people, so what" as if to dismiss me as a total retard. I tried to point out to him that yes of course we have a problem with rag tag radicals such as ISIS who happen to be of the Islamic persuasion but he makes out that all peoples from that part of the world are somehow more retarded than us, as if to say the entire Arabic race are more dumb than Westerners. All I have ever seen in Stefan Molyneux's videos about matters such as this, is blatant racism, but because of what i had been spoonfed by mainstream media about the evils of ISIS I was drawn into that racism. He is in no way making a positive contribution to humanity. I do think he is nothing more than a glorified cult leader who has done a number on his Stefbot followers who all think he is some sort of intellectual god! I think he is definitely part of the Zionist divide and conquer and instilling fear method. up until earlier this year I thought Stefan was brilliant and was a huge fan, but now I see him for what he really is. A typical phoney intellectual, condescending, snarky, oily, fake, egotistical shill who spouts both nonsensical as well as potentially very dangerous drivel!

  • somersetdc

    Stephan is a narcissistic creep.

  • Thamus Jones

    Peter Joseph makes excellent points, Stefan M is either unable to unwilling to accept them, despite the fact that there is abundant real world evidence to back up what Peter Joseph is saying and exactly zero evidence to back up Stefan's free market utopia. Stefan is not so much a 'philosopher' and more of a cult leader.

  • FreeSheep

    Molyneux is a narcissistic asshole, which I'll take over a blatant fraud any day.

  • Stephan wonderman

    Stefan Molyneux is a cultist. He has many channels on youtube not just one. His official channel, and another big one called blackpigeonspeaks. He recently posted a video called " why women destroy civilizations" where he justifies rape. It has had other channels that REFUTED HIM and exposed him flagged and suspended to censor them, he removes all the comments that refute him on the videos. I am talking about blackpigeonspeaks and Stefan Molineux are the same people, but he uses another guy voice to express his sick ideas. Look at the photoshop thumbnails used by both channels and listen to the ideas of hatred spouted on both channels. Especially the hateful ideas against women, the same exact things. There are video recordings of all of his dishonesty and the comments that he removed and the channels he flagged for suspension for simply REFUTING his sick ideas. Stefan aka blackpigeonspeaks is a narcissistic psychopath, and all of his cult followers are insane.

  • Anthony Daine

    I enjoyed the debate but felt it was hampered by the style employed by each side. Peter could have dumbed down perhaps, it's interesting how anti-intellectual Stef can be, Peter fed into this by refusing to speak in laymans terms – whereas a more basic approach might have bypassed Stef's tendency to ridicule what he thinks is overly intellectualized thinking.

  • john carter

    This is THE CLINTONS STORY – a short SCRIPT of the play that goes wrong…

    Ha ha, well you're lucky you stumbled on me – i am walking talking encyclopedia, and same as wikileaks i am 100% checked and true! I know this world, been to 60 countries and islands on 5 continents, worked on cruise ships!

    The world is very small , and not much is going on ! But i been watching the Clintons for 20 years, and they got the butterfingers of Hell, everything they touched they turned into shid.

    Trump is the opposite, his father called him the golden boy, everything he touches turns into gold. Trump worked last 50 years very hard 12/h a day, and he still goes on, to Make America great again. He is direct continuation of Reagan who said We will Make America Great! Clintons never had a real job except gov’t! BUT THEY DID A GOOD JOB ON USA! “The Clintons are here!!! – reference to “ Johnny is here! – Jack Nicholson -THE SHINING!

    It is amazing what Trump says , i been thinking and saying the same things for last 20 years. His words are music to my ears, Alex jones too. We are lucky our great megaphon Trump came out in the open, and he is telling the truth on Clintons, who did everything wrong, and they keep saying “We are the Clintons , we are the best. our policy is the best.” “ Anybody else who talks bulshid about us, is conspiracy theorist. We didn't killed Vince Foster, or other 46 Americans, or we didn't kill 500 000 babies in iraq.

    We didn't destroyed Yugoslavia, those balkans barbarian butchers did it all themselves , Alex Jones is conspiracy theorist, all this people on you tube videos claiming we done some thing wrong – we didn't!”. “And the liberal world that WE hijacked in this stockholm syndrome – believes us!”

    So finaly 2016 Trump comes and tells the truth , and Clintons say -” he IS ALSO CONSPIRACY THEORIST”

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    Writer -Kendreik

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