Peter Joseph- Lee Camp – The Venus Project – Redacted Tonight – Buckminster Fuller

Jacque Fresco



Peter Joseph, Talks With Lee Camp – The Venus Project – Jacque Fresco Redacted Tonight
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  • David DiBernardo

    Peter Joseph is my spirit animal.

  • DigGil3

    Peter Joseph is very entertaining when he speaks, but sometimes I forget what the question was. :P

  • neighbor lee

    I've been saying the same thing, to friends locally for a long time, and while some 'get it', others, very bright ones, don't seem to get it or want to I guess–

    I'm not only talking about everyday , everywhere I can, but I'm making games, non violent ones about this very subject too.

    We need help, good people sharp in their fields initially able to help  ( volunteer initially until we grow!) and if you are interested you can contact us here:

    If you believe in non violent gaming and the world of a RBE, we need you desperately!

    TY so much

  • Near :V!! animes

    capitalism made a lot of good thing just like a king made it too..!! the was lot of good leader kings in the history. that's diesen mean the is the best way to confront the adversity. then no more use king forms of government. the we need to prove the leader what is made president comes. then next step is we gona learn and multiply the leader form to think and made strategy. for everyone. is simple the needs is to muchs before industrial revolution . the was les da 1000 million person in the earth. in king time so more less..!! now we are almost 8000 million grow. team force in many ways and different view problem etc, is just not enough , we need a holistic strategy an comprehensive way to approach the force of nature understanding the synergy of environments potencial.

  • Adam Allen

    Thank you, Lee Camp & Peter Joseph, I am with The Venus Project Cities, 100%.
    We have reached the end of corruption & greed forever.

  • TVP Education

    RT is Russia strong brainwash propaganga from Kremlin. Russia sucks Dont trust RT=KGB=LIE

  • TimeForChange

    frame of reference…that's what the title is for.

  • Ryan Watkins

    this had nothing to do with bucky fuller im a dissapointed viewer

  • 000042229

    Perhaps those ideas are just stupid and that's why nobody is taking is seriously. Communism was a bad and dangerous idea, promising heaven on earth and delivering hell on earth.

  • hal “huh” us

    as long as there is money to be made from slavery and people are willing to accept slavery as a means to survive their uneducated enslaved and poisoned lives in that monetary jungle of the wild beasts of greed and solipsism.. that very monetary system is going to keep the masses divided among themselves and pockets of social unrest and flashes of violence and hatred will erupt all over this crazy world. humans seem to understand only one language, and that language is Hatred.. you are not changing their minds until you can find a way to get that Hatred out of their defiled human systems.. this is the world of Hatred and mental diseases, the violent eruptions of destruction you are experiencing are the passing stormy waves of collective madness.. clinical madness..

  • TimeForChange

    I'm not changing heading ..stop asking

  • Bukaloom

    If anyone is interested in how much longer the economic system can sustained, please look up the video below. Dr. Meadows is one of the few academics willing to bluntly speak out on the eventual consequences of our stupidity.

    'Dr. Dennis Meadows: Strategies for Success in a World with Limits'

  • putheflamesou

    Moneymedia, the root of all evil. Jay Ferguson Why Everything Sucks. Need a United World Youth Org to silence their inheritance like 1989. They don't know how feasible it can be.