Peter Joseph & Alex Jones Heated Argument, On Live Radio! (Very Entertaining)

Peter Joseph (The Zeitgeist Guy) and The Alex Prison Planet Jones Go At It. When Peter Went On Alex’s Show A couple Of Years Back. If You Haven’t Herd It Then Your Missing Out.

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  • MrAeneas

    Have to turn it off at 38:30 due to Alex's blustering ranting obnoxiousness. I like Peter Joseph, though. He and I have disagreements, but his expose of the fraudulent origins of Xtianity may be one of the most valuable contributions to our modern web-culture so far. As usual, the single man in his garage (or basement) using natural and developed creative genius and a lot of hard work has brought the human culture something of value. Alex? – Not so much.

  • Suddery Studios

    Alex Jones is an idiot. I really dislike him and his show, but I have to agree with him. As aggressive and stupid as he may be and sound, his points in my opinion his points make far more sense to me than Peter Joseph's.

  • 200 motels

    Alex Jonesberg 's voice is so revolting…that honking rasp tone sounds like hes in a garbage disposal…He is paid to promote division and drive wedges among Americans, but acts as if hes the benevolent fighter of freedom…Typical…Z boy

  • Beyond Nietzsche

    Beyond Good and Evil was a book by Nietzsche.

  • Caleb Lambert

    Alex is a smart man and so is Peter they both have much to offer. No doubt about it I like them both for many reasons. That said It's really sad. It's such a waste of time to argue with someone like Peter Joseph the way Alex does. The other issue is that Peter actually fails over and over again to give Alex Jones Praise where it's do.. Alex can be such a bully. Alex likes to be that guy that gets attention by attacking others. Alex is constantly missing the point because he puts attention on rating building fight talk. This is a sad world view found in EVERY HOLLYWOOD MOVIE. Although I like Movies. This is supposed to be a discussion that is reasonable. Talking with Alex is good because it actually forces Alex to think even outside his own parameters .

    ALSO I CAN'T FORGET TO ADD FOR ALEX THAT ANIMALS ARE NOT HUMANS!! YES THEY HAVE SIMILARITIES BUT PLEASE STOP FOCUSING ON THESE ANIMAL INSTINCTS AND COMPARING THEM TO HUMAN INTERACTION as though humans are like dogs or lions. We are the gods of this planet period and we need to expect more from each other More love more science more investment in our environment. Alex had good points but Peter is more advanced inn his delivery. I love you guys. Alex and Peter please keep evolving. especially Alex.. We need you guys and your voices.

  • zioncanyon100

    total collapse of all human societal systems = total reconstruction therefore……………………leading to total collapse again one day………..the sun will destroy the earth's ability to harbor life some day ……………a fun ride while it lasted, despite its downsides

  • James Steele

    Evil exists. Good also exists. But evil is more common in the absence of socialization. Most people are inherently greedy. Most of us need to be socialized to be altruistic. Scarcity is an inherent aspect of this realm of existence. I'm not sure how to reconcile these probable truths and I don't know what kind of societal structure is best in light of these probable truths. I suppose both Peter and Alex are partially correct.

  • 7llb

    Alex's just afraid!

  • Greg Smith

    Alex is OK and Peter is OK, for starters. Both simply attempt to explain the world in their own way. I can see the value in both of their approaches. Neither are fakes, just not perfect. Take lessons from each and use it along with others to build your world picture, which will still be imperfect. No one person has it all figured out to the point that it can be put clearly in words. It's all prose and poetry.

  • David Hernandez

    39:46 lolol

  • John Leland

    I was always an Alex Jones fan…but the way he misinterpreted then mistreated Peter was completely out of line. He completely misunderstood Peter and was an absolute childish bully. He's always been very hot headed and rude. It was obvious that Alex felt intimidated, wrongly thinking that Peter was trying to compete with him. I will still follow Alex but I've lost a lot of respect for him, but I do understand human psychology and emotions so I do forgive him, but he does need to send out an olive branch and apologize.

    Alex kept saying stuff like "ooowwww you're going to re-educate and recondition people…I heard all that before…" referring to Hitler or Orwellian shit. That's ridiculous because that's the very basis of what Alex is trying to do with his own audience, Re-Educate and recondition the brainwashed masses. Doesn't Alex realize that he and Joseph are saying the same things?

    Just because one system, controlled by power-hungry people in the past said those type of things doesn't mean somebody else saying it has the negative intention the others did. Change does need to happen, people do need to be re-educated and reconditioned to the natural environment and Human sociology.

    The psychology of the current human society is the number one biggest hurdle we have to overcome, society is deeply and dogmatically programmed to believe that the monetary system of incentive is natural and the only way society can function.

    Please Alex, try to step back from your dogmatic views and look at the underlying foundation of what causes all of our problems. I do believe and know that the world is being controlled by the groups you always talk about, all Peter was trying to say about them while you rudely bashed him, was that they too are programmed by their environmental upbringing.

    I don't know if you already have or not, but I ask that you and Peter please make up, please apologize to him for how you treated him, he didn't deserve that. Maybe re-listen to the entire interview again and realize how you completely misinterpreted him. We can't solve the bigger problems if we can't even solve the smaller problems and get along. I realize Alex, that you may never even see my comment here on someone else's page but hopefully you will. Keep fighting the good fight, but please choose your opponents more mindfully.

  • FreeHumanDon

    I believe that Alex is a disinfo agent. However, I agree with most of everything he is saying here.

  • Ryan Nolan

    Bill Hicks was a prophet… Alex is an ok guy in my pov but he is a powerful debater and I don't always agree with his methods of madness but at least he is doing something. I almost thought for about an hour in the Bill Hicks is Alex Jones theory but then did my own homework and realized they were absolutely at 2 different parts of the country on the same day many times when we compare dates that we can prove. Waco,Texas back in 93 they were both there on film. People just have to think for themselves and do your own homework.

  • dylnthmsn

    Alex is such a nut job. I wonder if he was shirtless during this interview.

  • Donna

    Bilderberg's are NWO

  • Donna

    George Soros is NWO. Rockefeller's are NWO. Federal Reserve private bankers are NWO.

  • Donna

    I do, however, unlike Glenn, believe in #Chemtrails and Flouride