Paxman interviews Christopher Hitchens – Newsnight archives (2010)

In November 2010, the writer Christopher Hitchens, then dying of cancer, gave this long interview to Jeremy Paxman. Filmed at Hitchens’s home in New York, it was a wide-ranging discussion, with Hitchens characteristically unflinching in his exploration of contemporary controversies, as well as his own illness and death. This is part of our Newsnight Archives series – each Thursday we’re uploading gems from the past. Let us know what you’d like to see in the comments below or on Twitter using #newsnightarchives * SUBSCRIBE to get our latest videos *

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  • Matthew Singh-Dosanjh

    Unbelievably touching to see Paxman quite clearly showing some emotion right at the end of the interview.

  • Hboss

    Christopher Hitchens is one of my heroes
    RIP sir

  • Nestor’s Dragon

    When Jeremy Paxman gets along with his interviewees he is so lovely almost comforting. But when he interviews politicians, boy does he unravel

  • Lewie B

    Who does Hitch state he was too soft on at around 14:15

  • Just Curious

    We can't be certain he converted, but yeah, there were many stories that he did.

  • Ian Gilbert

    What a dude.

  • Peter Garcia

    Christopher Hitchens has been such a huge inspiration in my life; what a man?
    I return to this interview often because it is such a candid meeting that could only be carried out by two men who clearly have enormous respect for one and other .

  • Auto Deals

    Man I miss you so much Christopher ,so very much….:(–

  • mistercheez

    What an intelligent, articulate and dignified man. The world truly suffered from losing him.

  • Hossam ElGebeily

    his command of the English language is just brilliant!

  • Karl unknown

    One of the most intelligent and interesting men of our lifetime

  • Tasneem Farah

    He became too humble and humane when war against Iraq was mentioned to him. Yet he went on to soften his initial statement/ response as though he wished it had been framed differently.

  • Ben Wherlock

    And Peter Hitchens is still alive! There really is no God.

  • Mizrob Abdukholikov

    When I hear Chris Hitchens speak It makes me miss him and feel sad. Great human being.

  • Mark Clare

    Where are these analytical minds in our Governments?

  • Aaron Watson

    If someone asks me the definition of dignity I'll send them this link