OFFICIAL Video: Russell Brand Interviews Westboro Baptist Church

Russell seeks common ground with the notoriously anti-gay leaders.

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  • Justsomedude

    These chucklefucks must be trolling

  • mr donk

    Totally awesome Brand.

  • Martin White

    Why are these racist's scum nearly all bald and fat. You can be any religion and hold any beliefs (so long as we approve)

  • The Pussy Grabbing Family Value Candidate

    the bible says i have to love my neighbors as i love myself. is the bible encouraging me to jack off my neighbors and slip a finger up their asses at the moment of ejaculation? the bible is a bit risquee, if you ask me. are these westboro retards go around jacking off people?

  • Marie

    I'm shocked .. Russel handled these homophobics so well!

  • Blancey

    Who the fuck invented religion coz he's a cunt.
    War, Hate, Racism.
    Religion is a fucking joke but Batman is deffo real.

  • zxychesatz349

    I'm a Christian but I am sooooo embarrassed by these people!

  • james mcguinness

    What a bunch of fucking idiots!

  • Abdul Alhuthali

    the holy spirit aint got pin hhhhh

  • Mr Mercury

    i agree that homosexuality is not correct, but that doesnt mean i will go call them fags or some crap. i try to be tolerant and love everyone regardless of their color, gender, or orientation, even if i dont agree that its right

  • Alvin Tostig

    When I was in my late teens and early 20;s I realized that the bible teaches that ordinary people should go to hell for all eternity which I felt was wrong. Then I realized that these people were using the bible itself as proof of the bible. In other words, the bible says Jesus did all this stuff and fulfilled all these prophecies but the only evidence of that is in the Bible. So we have people like this who believe in something really hard because they are naïve or something and think that Gandhi should go to hell. Personally, I don't think anyone should go to hell. I think people should get what they deserve, good or bad. I think forever should be based on forever and not whether or not you believe in some book for no good reason. What makes Westboro so sure that the right religion is Christianity at all? Let alone their specific interpretation of it?

  • Alex Bradshaw

    the bible was written by people, inspired by god…..something even those people should know

  • Sithis The Void

    This is what religion does to the minds of people. The danger is that every retard can pretend to be the mouth of an invisible magical friend.

  • g0fvt

    Westboro at their most hilarious, very weird. Far better this comedy appearance on tv than their offensive picketing…