NYT’s Friedman Lauds WikiLeaks Version Of Hillary Clinton | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman writes that Hillary Clinton’s leaked speeches show a pragmatism she doesn’t seem to display on the campaign trail. Friedman joins Morning Joe to discuss.
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NYT’s Friedman Lauds WikiLeaks Version Of Hillary Clinton | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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  • Jim Wilson

    Wiki Leaks will have no bearing on the election, just a bunch of irrelevant emails hacked by an Assange, an agent of Russia, mortal enemy of the USA and Putin, Trump's mate, former KGB member, responsible for the deaths of millions in the Soviet Union. Assange will sooner or later be arrested as a spy and traitor and Trump for encouraging the hacking of American Government records should be arrested for sedition.

  • Leanne Paterson

    Evidence has come to light that Hillary's biggest donor was the Nation of Algeria
    She was paid to get Algeria off the "terror list". Which she did giving them a free pass to
    enter America so she could create havoc. Blame it on any sort of
    middle eastern fellow. Havoc, attacks on American soil have been orchestrated by Hillary. Now it is all beginning to make sense.
    Mr. Trump has been right all along about everything. I am from the desert in the middle of Australia, I have no axe to grind. I am, like everyone else in world, seeking the truth.

  • Lucky One

    Friedman, makes me puke….enoughbsa8d

  • Claudia Trumpsta

    This is a propaganda news station, all bla bla. Hillary has a track record of corruption! So why is wiki leaks now a lie! Only low educated people vote for corruption and be fooled by the propaganda me media. Vote for the people of the USA, not for the establishment. Vote Trump!

  • Kevin MacTrump


  • Fuck all Nirvana fangirls

    Vador called, he wants his redlight saver back.

  • Steven Seagal

    please report more on Syria and the details we are too ignorant for you big network wigs

  • Charlie Hebdo1

    NYT spinning Wikileaks for Hillary Clinton! People will have completely lost the small amount of remaining respect they have for journalism by the time this election is over.

  • Agathon

    …………. Friedman — the NWO surrogate, a WARMONGER MORON …………..

  • ophelia27

    No, small business owners do not want trade deals like TPP and globalization. The aforementioned favors corporations and rigs the system in their favor. Less opportunity for entrepreneurship –> less competition –> individual buyers and workers are at the mercy of corporatocracy. That is not what capitalism is… this is corporate totalitarianism. No thank you Friedman!