Noam Chomsky – Workplace Democracy

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  • Revolutionary Atheist

    This needs to happen now! We should stop talking and take direct action! Workers all over the US should take over the factories with radical force!

  • Michael Jussen

    Excellent video!

  • attackfighter

    the failure of democracy is that it treats all people as though they are equal — the hillbilly has the same voting strength as the Harvard professor. if ten hillbillys think that global warming is a "scam", their votes outnumber the one climatologist who's expertise and intelligence makes him think otherwise. this is partly why the world is screwed up.

    in business you want to put the most skilled people at the top of a hierarchical system. that is just blatant common sense. otherwise you have retard masses calling the shots. you have chaos and stupidity. capitalism doesn't always put the most skilled and intelligent people at the top, but it at least favors them. until you think up an alternative to capitalism that organises labor on the basis of intelligence (democracy can't and will never do this), you have no viable alternative.

    the future lies in mixed economies. capitalism has its strengths and also weaknesses. same with state planning. the best states extant are probably Scandinavian welfare states — a mix of private and public institutions. those are the current ideal to strive for.

  • Yaoxing Li

    What is unthinkable is that those big corps (Banks, Epipen, LIU etc) paying millions to the CEO who is train to cut fair share to the working people.

  • Anarcho Vegan

    We need another workers revolution!

  • Adamo Marquez

    thank you

  • Brandon Roberts

    If no slandered words or phrases are used to describe this position, every American would agree with it. This should become a primary goal.

  • John Ross Chisholm