Noam Chomsky – Why They Hate the West

Noam Chomsky - Why They Hate the West

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  • jo _pi

    "Chomsky blah blah hates freedom! Chomsky blah blah Anti-Americun! Chomsky blah blah commie-lover! Chomsky blah blah not a patriot!" At 4:10 Chomsky actually mentions that the US is a very open society. He even mentions elsewhere that there are few countries where he would be able to speak so openly and freely. He talks elsewhere about polling of the American electorate showing that they are on the right side on issues such as the Iraq War, the public desire for a less interventionist foreign policy the only problem is that 90% of the population have virtually no say on policy.

  • tom andrews

    The middle east have been cutting off each others heads for centuries,this idiot makes out like the violence started when the west waged war their,he is just a muslim apologist and hates his own country,blame the west for islamic barbarity

  • Judy Onthemton

    What is the date of his speech? Not that it matters,just like to listen in chronological order.

  • Secular Zealot

    Why did the Europeans hate the jews? Why do huge tracks of people hate the Chinese in SE Asia? Why do many hate the Japanese and Lebanese in many parts of South America? The answer to these questions is complex, but includes resentment for being more successful and the often incorrect view that these people became more successful than the indigenous people by stealing from them.

    Why do Shias and Sunnis hate each other? Why do Persians and Arabs? Why does ISIS hate everybody?

    In fact, "They" should love the West since it is the West that has produced the best civilizations of all time. It is the West that rid the world of Small pox, controlled measles, Malaria; produced the vast majority of agricultural and water technology that benefits billions; that discovered most of the medicines and surgical techniques; that invented the light bulb, the car, the computer, vast ships that carry produce from around the world. It was the west that ended slavery and that promotes equality under the law; that has created an enormous number of universities, books, music and entertainments.

  • Itspietertime

    I love Chomsky!

  • Silly Putty

    This guy is not afraid to speak the truth! There are many more truth tellers out there but they are not coming forward. Why?

  • Name not Found

    America is the greatest country on earth. Our freedom and superiority is rivaled only by the jealousy and hate that others have for us. Mr. Chomsky is wrong about everything he says about America because Jesus freedom liberty. It should be illegal to talk about America negatively. People who talk about how they hate our freedom should be put in jail. We need to do more torture to American citizens for talking bad about America. We should operate drones in America and target Harvard, MIT and all the other elite liberal colleges who hate America. If you don't like America and her freedom, you shouldn't be allowed to have freedom. People who go to Harvard are stupid. We should only elect people who went to university of Phoenix.

  • Daniel Lamprecht-Carson

    I like how Chomsky gets all the bullshit out of the way at the beginning.

  • Christopher Phillips

    I have lived and worked in the Middle East. It is true that the "American" government's support of Israel in its oppression of the Palestinians is the main reason for that hatred. At least that is what most Muslims say. Interestingly, this fact is never mentioned in either the Congress or the "American" media.

  • sanbruno1775


  • goodsirknight

    when is this from, seems a few years ago x

  • Barnaby Wylde

    Hmm. He never once said the word Wahhabi or the word Salafi and he overlooks that their hatred is far from limited to the USA or the "west". Nigeria, India, China, Russia etc. are not what most people consider the west yet they are more frequent targets of "extremists" than the USA. He does not mention the financial support the Saudi Royals give to the extremists and the promotion of extremist madrasas. He seems to have a habit of selectively ignoring certain things himself.

  • Individual Rights Chris


  • Alexander Zarathustra

    Check out the track "Noam Chomsky" on my page.
    I also have "A Song of Ice and Fire" and "Babe You Make Me An Atheist"!
    Let me know what you think.

  • jamailyca

    Someone knows where I can find a text of this?

  • razzlefrog

    longest answer ever

  • Bryan Lamoreaux

    Chomsky 2024!!!

  • uttaradit2

    Without doubt the most dangerous mind alive. Chomsky is ignored, vilified and feared by the arse 'oles in power and their confederate media/academia. The truth on stilts.

  • Angus the cat

    its o.k. moonbat i hate them even more