Noam Chomsky – Why Iraq

Noam Chomsky
Why Iraq
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  • Jason Valliere

    "Antisemitism" is a weapon used to beat back the rejection of what Isreal is doing in the middle east.

  • William Sell

    Erdovan is also selling oil ( stolen from Iraq) for gold as well. That's a risky bidneth. What if we allow our fiat money ( issued by Israel) to fall flat? I'll bet you get a. tad skinny. Next, other people will begin to think you look like a pork chop. Ask Alferd Packer.

  • Luis Cortez

    Can you believe what he said in the first minute?

  • Matt Janovic

    What's the date of this speech?

  • God Lover

    This guy uses the style of a relaxed and deep thinking speaker who after only a few words makes you think you've found the right teacher, only to find within 3 or 4 minutes he's taking your head for a ride and filling it with garbage.
    He either hasn't got a clue or he's a disiniformer working for someone to exhaust the people who keep forgetting to step outside of the box, so they go to bed absolutely exhausted thinking they are fulfilled.
    Fuck you Chomsky, you're doing more harm than good.

    If you like deep thinking listen to Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm.

    If you've developed the habit of studying politics thinking you can change anything, you're still a fool. When you get to 40 you'll give up, because nobody cares like you do.
    They haven't got the brains they were born with, and even if you did have the right solution most people can't encompass it to join you in a revolution.

    All you can do is wait for it to come round again and next time, learn leassons from the past and do it right.

    Until then listen to Krishnamurti and chill out. There's nothing you can do about anything!

  • Michael Froelich

    Sorry but Dr.Chomsky is no more informed on the causes of the war on Iraq than he is on many other matters. Iraq was a target because of the long standing goal of Israeli policymakers to weaken it as long as it was ruled by the Iraqi Ba'ath Party. The Iraqi Ba'ath party was the only ideologically driven nationalist/socialist movement in the Arab world, and was derived from German National Socialism when Nazi agents infiltrated Iraq in opposition to English influence there in the 1930s. If you want to understand the Israel/US antipathy toward the Iraqi Ba'ath you have to go back to the German agents there, including Saddam Hussein's own uncle who reared him, and their harsh anti Semitism and persecution of Jews. Jews were persecuted terribly in Iraq because of these agents, and the Jewish community of Iraq had lived in peace there for over two thousand years and even before the Jewish diaspora. Israeli intelligence has been running operations for decades against the Ba'ath, including supporting Iran during the Iran and Iraq War. Second to this was the agenda of certain idiots in American national security who desired to have American bases in the Gulf area, and when they were kicked out of Saudi Arabia they looked to an Iraq invasion as a way to stay in the region. When Paul Bremer arrived in Baghdad he had only two orders… was to dissolve the Ba'ath Party completely, and the second was to dissolve the military capability of Iraq by destroying their armed services. Those two orders were drafted by Paul Wolfowitz, and they were NOT in the interest of the United States.