Noam Chomsky – Why Does the U.S. Support Israel?

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  • Schlomo bloom

    If the bible is a lie, then what claim has the jews to israel?

  • Thomas Wilson

    This is how it's meant to be whether we like it or not. Jesus said my father is God of everything but of this world Satan is God. We have to understand the basic principles of the bible treat others the way you like to be treated whether Israel does that or not we will never know because of corrupted media and politicians. But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. To serve the Lord is to love everyone. But it's hard to love those who want to trick and turn against you like a snake in the grass unfortunately a lot of people do this including religions such as Islam. remember Allah is the great deceiver. God bless America and all those who love Israel.

  • zog zog

    Whatever the merits of Chomsky's words he does not get distracted by irrelevancies.

  • kodzer1

    All that aside, who will fill those boots? Will we be left with a vacuum in times of dire need? Maybe I'm not clued in enough, as I have other concerns, but who will be the next beacon of balance in the onslaught of cynical control of public thought? You may not agree with Chomsky, but he HAS managed to check the mania to a small degree. Who will continue the sanity? Please help.

  • Walker P

    Settler Colonial Societies

  • Marquee Mark

    I could've killed all jews but i didn't so the world can see what kind of people they are"
    – Adolf Hitler.. Clearly Mike, you spew American history written by plagiarist Jews . Obviously you lack education which is not popular belief and political thought . Hitler was anti- Communist , meaning he declares to rid Communists in Germany . Communism founder, Jewish born, Karl Marx was born in Germany .The Communist manifesto was on every Jew bookshelf on Germany , thus brought book burning in the streets . and hate for the Jews The Jewish owned Central bank wrecked Germany by Speculators .thus kicked them to the curb of Palestine, as per conspiracy letter The Balfour Declaration, was a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Jewish born Walter Rothschild-Central bank German forces attacked Poland in September 1939 (due to the slaughter of ethnic Germans in Danzig a German territory in Poland ,thus brought on WW 11  The populations of the Volga German, Prussian Germans, Transylvanian Saxons, Bessarabia Germans, Danube Swabians, Carpathian Germans, and more were all but nearly wiped from the face of the earth because of Jewish Bolshevik regime that everyone wants to forget and ignore.

  • John NoNameGibbon

    True dat. Though Jews often get fucked for their Zionists, Christian Zionism is actually the biggest driving type of Zionism. Because Jews alone have no power in numbers.

  • The Learner

    how can people read a fairy tale and think it's a real story is beyond my comprehension, it's just plain stupid.

  • Roger didit

    Look at a map of Arab lands. Then look what the JEW controls. ISRAEL MUST BE ALLOWED TO LIVE IN PEACE. I say ten dead Palestinians for every Jew killed.

  • Rabbi David Orbach

    The truth is that the US gives $ 3 billion to Jordan, Egypt and Israel and with that money they have the obligation to buy the best American warplanes, with the interdiction to buy Russian or French planes> It is a way to help the American Military Industry. More than a million of Jewish refugees suffered from expulsion from the 57 Islamic countries of the World Islamic Organization, the biggest Empire in the world, from 1948 and 1967, without financial compensation. So every-time the Islamists put on the table the Arab refugees, the UN commissions or the American congress have the right to speak about the million Jewish refugees. Chomsky is very confused in this video, speaking about Iraq, then Vietnam, then another subject.