Noam Chomsky – Understanding Reality

Chomsky on folk science, ethnoscience, metaphysics, events etc. Source:
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  • Eric B Read

    Absolutely the deepest discussion I have ever heard on YouTube.

  • James Woolery (Puppet Zombie)

    Interviewer is being beaten up like an undergrad

  • samin354

    Does anyone know the name of the book on the table noam refers to a couple of times?

  • smerdyakovkb

    suejak is exactly right in his replies to other comments.. The interviewer was great, knew which aspects of Chomsky's position to press, uncovered space for skepticism, and left me unconvinced of Chomsky's position. His idea that science is the sovereign source of knowledge w/r/t "how the world works" came off excessively brash. It would've been good to have a Williams/Chomsky debate on common sense notions of reality. Williams's demeanor alone probably would've convinced a lot of commenters on this video that Chomsky was wrong, seeing as that the subject matter itself seems beyond their sound evaluation.

  • georg wachberg

    (note to self: if you ever happen to interview noam chomsky, don't put him in front of fake books.)

  • iDemandU90

    I love to see intelligent, perceptive people disagreeing yet remaining able to exchange ideas in a productive way. So rare on YouTube.

  • luciu constantin

    oau that is Philosophy

  • Lucas Lemos

    Activate captions and come here 5:26 . "carrying out …" what?

  • Jumoschwanz

    Chomsky and other students of classical Western philosophy are still struggling with questions that were answered by Eastern philosophy thousands of years ago. I was amazed once to talk to a person with a masters in philosophy from Ivy-League USA universities after he stated that in all his schooling Eastern Thought was never brought up. This severely limits those schooled in traditional Western philosophy. Chomsky has many useful things to say about the small world he has spent his life in, but he nor his peers have anything new or useful to say outside the narrow sphere of their training.