noam chomsky – the world war
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  • Kyle R

    odd that all these pro Israeli crocodile tears propaganda war adds appear so often over chomsky. bet Israel wants to drown this one too. what a co ink e dink

  • EroomYrrah

    taking up the white man's burden was KIPLING a British author. tell America to take over where the British  have stopped…preserve their interests. FDR wanted the opposite…These backward nations need electricity, navigable inner waterway and some friggen rail road.

  • Bikewithlove

    I like Noam Chomsky, but a little red flag always goes up for me whenever I hear him talk about government keeping things from "the people." I have no doubt it's true, but my point is that it assumes that populations are all good and worthy of the whole truth. From my own personal experience as a person who has been bullied and betrayed I can say that I wouldn't want most people I've known to have any kind of political knowledge or power over me or anyone, and I can at least understand why educated people, with greater responsibilities than most, tend to have contempt for their population. It's technically immoral to lie, and I detest liars, but how much of a right to the truth does a narcissistic brute have when they put your livelihood on the line? In my own life I've learned to keep my most important life plans and goals to myself, and even mislead others, in order to protect the integrity of what's left of my existence, because otherwise others will attack and undermine them, as they consistently have before, out of jealousy, insanity, or some form of gain. I'm not saying that every government is right all of the time for concealing things, but I think that any notion of being completely open and transparent assumes quite wrongly that other nations or people have only the best of intentions and would never turn that knowledge into an advantage for themselves. This train of thought leads me also to consider that Chomsky, like many writers, is in a unique position to give his readership a sense of urgency and helplessness which in turn creates a need in his readership for more of his books and lectures. I guess no one can argue he's got quite the meal ticket.

  • Max Benser

    Bertrand Russell, Philosophy of LOgic and Atheism!!!

  • superpoof

    The title is misleading.He never mentioned war,much less world war.

  • John Burns

    Mr Chomsky, I have been reading your works for 20 years and respect you more than any living person. It strikes me though, that sometimes you wear slightly rose tinted glasses when viewing Israel's political activities inside America. Please don't retire too soon.

  • The Smoking Cook

    I usually have adblock turned off when I'm on Youtube but as soon as I saw the time line with the ridiculous amount of ads I've turned it on. Not a single dime for you, ahah.


    Chomsky is the kind low life fuck who looks at masses and classes of people without ever considering the individual. Thats what makes it so easy for him to sit in judgement about which masses of people have lives that hold intrinsic value and which masses of people should be killed off for the "good of the world."

  • Michael Froelich

    This is typical Chomsky. He refers to prior American "racism" towards the indiginous primitives of the Western Hemisphere as though it was merely a given that such was malevolent. He never imagines that there were good reasons for such opinions to have been so widespread. Would he rather that, say, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas still be part of Mexico? Would he really rather trade the prosperity and relative justice enjoyed by those living in those places now with the misery and corruption of those living in Mexico? He's good at criticizing that principles are broken when more advanced cultures displace less advanced ones. But being intelligent means having the ability to make distinctions, and it's not enough to claim hypocracy when there are over-riding goods being pursued.

  • Alexander Maxhall

    Great share, thanks!

  • thucydides Neo

    What profusion of ads! Quelle horreur !

  • rubpm

    Chomsky is brilliant about most things possible, except economy…Watching some of his videos, we see he really believes US is in a at least reasonable shape, while it´s "imploding" from inside, starting from dollar itself.

  • R. Taylor



    This guy Chomsky is always telling how POWERFUL the US is & how RICH (actually the RICHEST) US is. Looks like his talks are all about telling how POWERFUL the US is albeit indirectly. Suffering from a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX IMO.

  • Alyn Mearns

    More ads please!!

  • coilltin

    Noam spot on about Venezuela

  • Bryant Braziel

    This was a great video. I think the minimalist aproach to interviewing works well with Chomsky.

  • mike mustafa

    wtf are there so many ads in this video

  • Dan Morgan

    It's my observation that the US only retorts to diplomacy after literally all else has failed. Also noteworthy is when the term diplomacy is used it usually means economic warfare.