Noam Chomsky – The U.S. Education System

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  • Max Benser

    Ultack1 semana atrás (editado)
    "The first step in attackng a democratic society is to destroy their education system." Billy Graham,s biblical criminal education.

  • Dignora Gonzalez

    I'm blown away by his words and extensive knowledge. I strive to learn more from him.

  • Rocío Aguilera

    Yes, I studied in UNAM, in Mexico City, and it's almost free. UNAM is one of the two public universities, the other one is The University of Guadalajara, that is recognized in the USA. I was surprised when I transfered some of my credits at University of Texas, at El Paso, and was asked to give a lecture on electrolytes . The students ignored the basics of chemistry, and I have to explain to them Mendeleiev's discovery about the periodicity of the chemical elements. The professor told me that they are not taught science in High School. I couldn't believe it, for me, the USA was the science country

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    kevin, i misread, sorry, bro/sis

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    u prob like us, schmuck…. good lschluk

  • Anarcho Vegan

    The REAL question to ask Chomsky is who is he voting for, Hillary, or Trump?

  • Ultack

    The first step in attackng a democratic society is to destroy their education system. Thew corner stone of a democracy is the education system. Nowadays they tell you is anything else but that, and we see where its leading us.

  • carlos neira

    I wish spanish subtitles,plis

  • Tom Lahr

    An exceptional mind, but more importantly a man of compassion, courage and integrity.

  • c4p0ne

    There's a few globally catastrophic doomsday scenarios one can imagine that relate directly to the current trajectory of American capitalism (and capitalism in general across the world). I've been thinking about a particular one that I believe is quite plausible (and terrifying). Before I go on, it should be noted that 100% of life on Earth will cease to exist under any circumstance, whether it takes a thousand, million, ten-billion, or 4 trillion years. An easy assessment when considering the expanding universe itself will eventually be nothing more than a gas-filled, colorless void. Obviously, this is infinitely beyond the scope of my short-term doomsday scenario but I thought I should mention it.

    The "better angels of our nature" tells us "look, relax, don't be so hysterical, everything is just fine and even getting better". I mean, just look at all those charts and graphs! And indeed, statistically, violence (as a global average) seems to have declined over the last century. Of course, the context and reasons we're given for this are dubious at best. What about if the reasons for the decline in violence is actually because populations are being psychologically broken, that is to say, mentally anesthetized to the point where the pure global apathy created by the sophisticated US propaganda apparatus has rendered them both unable & unwilling to fight their own oppression?

    In fact, it could be the case that they don't even think there's a problem at all anymore, so why bother "pushing back" in any way, including physical resistance? This is what I think humanity is driving towards. A place where violence has reached its lowest levels in human history, but only because humanity itself has been duped. Duped into believing that "this is as good as it's going to get", or worse, duped into thinking "things are just great, better than ever". A bizarre universe where even though wages, working-conditions, health, life-spans, are clearly declining, perceived happiness remains high. This artificially manufactured happiness is a result of the 24/hour, 365/day stream of inculcation/propaganda/brainwashing furnished by wealthy & powerful private institutions…. A species of pure consumption.

    The majority of humanity have finally fulfilled their already-existing roles as cogs in the massive (by now, almost fully automated) human exploitation-engine of capitalism. Billions of people have been rendered unable to even distinguish between the smog-contaminated dystopia they live in from the luxury their masters do, at their expense of course. I believe this is a doomsday scenario that is far worse than a planet uninhabited by human life…. It's basically taking the world we actually live in RIGHT NOW (many of those things are already true) and driving it to one plausible logical-extreme.

    I believe that IF the powerful capitalist-class does not stop behaving in the way they are (and there is NO reason to believe that they will), this will be the consequence by the end of this century. I say by the end of this century because I don't belive the planet will be able to sustain life (at least not human) beyond that point. In a short time, this system will no longer be capable of discriminating between the rich, poor, or anything in between, sweeping ALL to the abyss.

  • dan dann

    Its nice that you always include the source. Thx

  • Phyto Victus

    Yt poll: how many people went to college and agree with this?

  • kevin jong

    I 100% agree with Noam Chomsky