Noam Chomsky – The Essentials

A “best of” compilation of Chomsky’s ideas and analyses.

1. War, State Power, and American Exceptionalism 0:00
2. Capitalism, Neoliberalism, and Corporate Propaganda 31:01
3. Anarchism, Libertarian Socialism, and Classical Liberalism 01:08:51
4. Science, Philosophy, and Language 01:39:16

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    Simple, beautiful and obvious as always. Naom stating the obvious actions that common man fails to achieve. Sheep, everybody!, baaaaa,baa,baa. That's right sheep, say baa.

  • Oliver Benton

    Thanks for putting this together!

  • Randy Terry

    "We are biological organisms". Not so. We are products of biological organisms. We are those that experience subjectively.

  • corpus callosum

    History is linear, happened, and irrevocable. As brilliant as Mr. Chomsky and the limitation of English, I don't think English Imperialism can be compared with American Imperialism. The only identical factor is human's egos, extends to ID (I, my, me), to divide, to compare, to judge, to criticize, to draw lines, to step over, to create conflicts, then wars, sufferings. There's nothing new under the sun, globally. Yet humanity is dynamic, ever-modulating, synergistic and non-linear. I think the first rhetoric we should use is less divisions (ideologies), criticisms and judgments but more suggested corrections and outlooks. You can't even compare America itself by chronological, historical epochs, forget as a "country" with common human denominators–greed/fear. America is the aggregate of humanity's hopes, logic, virtues and vices ever-flowing on a virgin, un-explored land. The challenges and mistakes are there, but they all should be looked at, corrected and transcended, not as a per-se, nine-heads dragon. Not generalize as "they hate us because we have McDonald" but rather, "why did we invent, tolerate and sustain on such non-nourishing food and even allow such greedy conglomerate to represent us and poison the whole world over?". That will be an awakened, democratic, free America.

  • biz markie

    excellent stuff!

  • Jens Rundberg

    Very good selection! When converted to mp3 I can listen to these core wisdoms in my ear phones while working with routine stuff. Possible to distribute via Spotify?

  • Frederick “OZ” Symington

    Long, but worth watching to learn how the man thinks.

  • Classical myth

    Thank you Pro.Chomsky . The truth always is so tender to across the minds but very painful for those who try bluring what is really going on out there. keep it up

  • joe sullivan


  • Govt is scared OF ME

    You da man. Its such a relief to know someone else has these logical thoughts. Sees the truth. I am not sure if I can be responsible for my actions if I hear one more jagaloon argue between humanity vs greed. The root of all evil is the logic that Capitalism. The fact that its inequity is just the way its supposed to be? They typically over look the simple fact of equity. How is what you do 300x more important then your job? WTF kind of logic is that? I can do things that you cannot and the same for you? Sounds real near eqaul to me! I also love jow asshole plutocrats takw one example of a greedy union and tell you they are evil. So you have your group of influencers and I dont get that advantage? Friedman says Unions only help union workers? That sounds completely ignorance. I know for a fact that "prevailing" wages set up pay for certain trades to an equitable level in no way eqaul. On top of that people that sit at desks get salaried at a considerably higher rate then an expert carpenter? I get the college but get the 20k+hrs of experience is not eqaul? Carpentry can not be taught out of a book and frankly its like the romans left behind when the capital moves to Costantinopel living in rubble with no knowledge of how to repair it? Yeah I am fully done with capitalism there has to be a more equitable way. The human mind is far to intelligent for no other options. foolish foolhearty and just down right ignorant!

  • Chaplain Kelly

    I'm grateful I found this teacher. A good summary of this excellent production is Requiem for the American Dream.

  • no name

    Thanks for this

  • Tom Lahr

    Tasheem and Dave: (see below); Freedom is a value.(or perhaps a universal moral principle). Capitalism is a human economic construct which people can value to variable degrees. One is subjective, the other essentially objective. Also, recall that Noam Chomsky is on record as explaining that "pure capitalism" has not, and cannot exist as an operable economic model as it would quickly destroy its host, as it would, by definition, be unregulated and unrestrained, which would eliminate any concern for social welfare, the environment (e.g., pollution of ecosystems or global warming), and would inevitably provoke international war due to its, by definition, self directed, possessive , and competitive principles. What we have had in the US is state Capitalism (i.e. the Gov't retains some power over the economy through regulations, laws, essentially restraints), and paradoxically, by using tax dollars to rescue financial institutions during severe depressions or recessions.

  • Tom Lahr

    Regarding Tasheem's comment(see below); What sane person would NOT prefer at least a representative democracy (which Noam has pointed out and history confirms)has rarely been allowed by existing power structures? For what reason would you deny others and yourself guaranteed freedom (with laws in place that protect you from the violation of that freedom, and vica versa)?

  • Tom Lahr

    It just occurred to me, that if we did not have the "language faculty", human beings, with variability, would require a precious number of early years of brain "plasticity" attempting to learn how to speak.

  • Tom Lahr

    Professor Chomsky has a exceptional intellect yet what particularly inspires me is his passionate, unwavering belief in justice, unrelenting condemnation of United State's imperialism, fearless public defender of the powerless, exploited, and disenfranchised, in particular on the part of the US Gov't ) , intolerance of political tyranny and what appears to be an innate and cultivated personal kindness and moral decency. No doubt he would be the first to down play all this praise, which is what makes him so endearing.

  • infiniteinfiniteinfi

    Thank you Chomsky's Philisophy for your work! You are an inspiration and a source of enlightenment to many!

  • Steve Hunt

    the finest person I've ever had the pleasure of meeting