Noam Chomsky On Power and Ideology 2016

Noam Chomsky On Power and Ideology 2016

Noam Chomsky Chicago’s Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, hosted by Haymarket Books and the Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory
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  • Ajahn David

    Thank you Mr. Chomsky. He is a great American and intellectual leader.

  • Antonio Proença

    58:09 Chomsky describes the coup in Brazil what he regards as a "soft coup" because there is no military occupation involved.

  • Polki Sa Zawsze Kieszonkowsze

    Chomsky gives these talks for free, and you monetise the video of them. Pretty shitty.

  • Ibrahim Alsaeed

    The title is misleading isn't it? Confusing

  • Julio Rodríguez

    I'm ever so glad and thankful that I "bumped into" Noam Chomsky" for a month ago or so… I'm hooked and I don't regret it! I can't have enough of him. Thanks ever SO MUCH that all these talks, conferences, speeches, debates or whatever they are called, are being uploaded.

  • Mark Mason

    Does anyone know how to fix the audio? It's limited to the left channel.

  • BenE. Taylor

    Momentarily is an American word meaning 'before the second coming'?

  • Carol Price

    thank Goodness for officers that don't follow protocol blindly

  • howard biel

    I have lived my whole life (33) and have met only a handful of people that care about the topics that Chomsky brings up or even knows who he is. I feel so alone in Santa Rosa California. I was always told that this was a progressive, free-thinking place to grow up yet, I feel I'm surrounded by apathy and ignorance. I have a job where I help people everyday yet, no one I help or work with is willing to organize or offer even an hour of their day. I guess I just long to know people like the people that show up to these talks or even people who would watch this on YouTube.

  • frodwith

    Professor Chomsky's comments begin at 11:20