Noam Chomsky on ISIS

Chomsky on islamic fundamentalism, ISIS and the consequences of the Iraq War.

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  • George Murray

    he needs to look beyond everything being american imperialism…he is stuck in the 60s…his views are outdated…he is an old man now and should give up….

  • Enoemen

    So tired of people saying he "blames the US for everything." Yes, humans have been killing each other since time immemorial, but we have to face-up to our own actions. The US needs to show responsibility, and he says these things because the mainstream media, does nothing to hold the US accountable.

  • Reality Check

    Chomsky is the type of hypocritical anti-American who LIVES in the U.S. but would be the LAST ONE to leave. Plus the fact that he wouldn't part with his money and assets here. Listening to this hypocrite you would never knew he had a net worth of over 2M USD. Check it yourself! And google "Chomsky lies". He has gotten his history back-ass wrong!

  • valerie jackson

    Chomsky for President 2016!

  • Double Shrekt

    Chomsky's critics tend to act as if he is an anti-American. It's almost taboo to pretend like the United States is anything else than a 'well-intention giant'. The reason Chomsky is skeptical of most of U.S actions is simple: the thing America does are simply what any superpower would do.

  • tom andrews

    Well go and live under the caliphate,you treacherous apologist old cunt,see how well you are treated there,paying the compulsory jizya with a slap across the face as you pay it

  • tom andrews

    Well go and live under the caliphate,you treacherous apologist old cunt,see how well you are treated there,paying the compulsory jizya with a slap across the face as you pay it

  • Bill Klaven

    I m a libertarian leaning loving conservative, but this is a reason why I love him. His critiques of foreign policy are just absolutely true.

  • John Mulkins

    I find his analysis is usually based in fact not bias. He has never said he was anti-American, only that an objective review of history leads him to conclude that the United States has instituted very destructive policies at home and abroad. From everything I've read and heard about the Suni-Shia split in Iraq, I would say he's accurate when he says we created the conditions for ISIS. I am also not anti-American, however, I do find much of our foreign and domestic policies to be both dangerous and undemocratic, to say nothing of destructive. What reason can you give for the sanctions on Iraq, which led directly to the death of over 500,00 innocent children? And that was only a small part of the over destruction America caused. Why?

  • Ramy Ramy

    "Sunnis and Shiites lived together without really knowing/caring for who is Sunni and who is Shiites"
    As a med-eastern, I can say that he must be talking about a parallel universe of some sort! What worries me even further is the amount of confidence that he is saying it with. Chomsky portraits himself as a history/politics guru, how can he forget about the Shiite uprising in 1991 and the sectarian polarization that dominated the scene then!
    The fact that even someone as smart as him is saying that, really proves Einstein's idea about humans' idiocy.

  • Adam Mast

    The US gov't handing over so many billions of dollars (oil revenues, etc) to, and allying with a women enslaving, xenophobic, hate worshipping Islamist shithole like Saudi Arabia is the real crime. I'd rather we would have all ridden bikes. Oh but wait, there's oil outside of the middle east?! Go figure.

  • John Doe

    Yea Muslims never killed anyone before the Iraq war. It's not like their prophet indiscriminately killed, raped, and enslaved people.

  • Philipp Glanzmann


  • Sam Feinsilver

    Thanks for sharing! Could someone please link me to the article by Graham Fuller that Chomsky is referring to in the beginning of this interview?

  • John Barone

    Noam Chomsky is a brilliant man who has used his intelligence to attack his country beyond reason. The first Gulf War was not a "crime". It was a check on a power grab by a ruthless dictator. Chomsky refuses to acknowledge this. He never cites any authority favorable to US policy, not even to refute it. The 2nd Gulf War was a mistake and destabalized the region, granted but what is to be done to correct it? Chomsky offers no solution. Do we proceed against the Saudis and further destabilize the region? Do we continue to allow ISIS to rape and enslave young women, to murder children, and slaughter all who oppose it? Chomsky doesn't say.

  • Nineveh Daniel

    oh yeah of course Sunnis and Shi’ites wouldn’t be killing each other were it not for the Americans. After all, they never did before!!! LOL

  • Joseph La Plante

    Chomsky 2016. Just imagine that.