Noam Chomsky on Economic Inequality


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  • Theodore Deutz
  • adstanra

    Inequality exists for a plethora of reasons, mostly geographic, but also political. If anyone is interested, the works of Jared Diamond and Thomas Sowell can explain this. The greatest force elevating millions of people out of poverty is Classical Liberalism and it's economic arm, capitalism.

    Chomsky is a fool who continues to see history as a Marxian class struggle. This is a man who has been an apologist for the Vietnamese communists, the Khmer Rouge, the Castros, Hugo Chavez and even Hezbollah. It is unbelievable that a man with this kind of record still gets any respect as a guru of wisdom. It is a testament to just how pervasive the leftist intelligentsia and media is. Manufactured consent indeed!

  • jake hedger

    the united States also has higher standards for poverty than the rest of these nations also we count still Borns in or infant mortality rates 3rd my generations life expectancy is projected to go down but that's because of the crap we eat. and how much we eat in effect a result of our opulence you would think the great Noam Chomsky could do a modicum of research

  • Pvhughj “pb” Byggj

    I wish more people focused on people such as Noam. As opposed to sports or regular media BS

  • Janus Kannuberg

    Concord University 23-02-2016. The man is 87 years old and still sharper than most. Thanks for uploading :)

  • Alejandro Valnera

    anyone know where the rest of the talk can be found??

  • BenE. Taylor

    The new American Dream: poverty for all.

  • Spiritof Perseus

    people don't seem to understand that as sad as it is, you can't just give food and water to poor, starving people, it makes the problem worse. Take for example, people living in sub-saharan africa. Why are they currently starving? because they are living on the edge of a desert, they can't currently grow enough food and raise enough animals for food and because it is a semi-desert there is little to no water.

    Then there is a charity organisation that sends them water and gives them food. So what happens? the population increases because less of them are dying due to food and medical care. But now you have a larger population, which needs more food and water. Furthermore, they now occupy more land and try to farm more intensively to get more food, this depletes the soil, which means not only can they no longer grow food, but the local wildlife dies (if they haven't already killed it all for food). if you keep on giving them food and water, you are just making their lives worse.

    So what can you do to stop this? there are two options that I can see:
    option 1: leave them alone, don't give them anything. A lot of them will die, but then there will be more land, food and water for those that are left and they will go back to subsistence living like they used to, before we interfered in an attempt to 'help' them. that is the way they have lived for 10,000 years since the start of agriculture and they were doing okay.

    Option 2: educate them. Not so much in things like science and music, but in things that will help them help themselves. How to farm sustainable, how to build water wells. How to stop destroying the environment and therefore destroying themselves. Give them contraception and explain to them that more children means more mouths to feed and more hardship. Their population should stabilize and they should have enough food and water for everyone.

    Charity organisations put adverts everywhere trying to guilt trip you into basically throwing money at people and making their lives miserable. Stop it!

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    who are your most trusted advisors, analysts, contemporaries etc
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