Noam Chomsky – Introspection and Intelligibility


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  • Ishmael Forester

    Every being perceives the world in a manner corresponding to its state. We should not expect a purely objective answer to ourselves. Even if we could attain it, it would be entirely useless. We can more or less accurately and frequently align and accustom ourselves to reality, but to attempt to understand it entirely apart from our condition and perception is obviously absurd and pointless. Knowledge is the union of subject and object and there is no getting around it. Reality is nothing else.

  • Brian Archer

    this is the sort of confusion Leibniz was hoping the 'characteristica universalis' would clarify

  • Sailor Venus

    This guy asking the question took almost 2 and half minutes. Thats not a question its a ramble

  • Peter Knopfler

    THE MIND TALKS, the body knows. The mind in the past,present,future all at once, yet the body has little choice but the present where all change happens. Know who you are starts with a body in motion,E-Motional body knows who you are, your mind talks but the body knows.BE a Somebody and Know the Body of Knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge in action, that is your body Action. MIND made for discovery the body for repetition. Be HAPPY that is your mind and body connection.

  • Peter Knopfler

    VERY OBVIOUS THE PEOPLE ASKING QUESTIONS, ILL INFORMED,poorly, organized and in the end no real question.
    SELF INTROSPECTION…..see yourself in others, then whom can you harm. Be Harmless.CONSCIOUSNESS.

  • WeaponizedPanda

    A beautiful mind. Thank you, Professor.

  • carlos neira

    I wish spanish subtitles,plis

  • MaKilla Gorilla

    These are amazing answers but god someone needs to shoot this dude asking the questions

  • Franz1987

    If you take a psychedelic you an introspect your behaviors pretty deep. It takes you outside of your own ego