Noam Chomsky – If Trump Becomes President


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  • Radnally

    All trumps enemies say that he's a liar and a conman, and then they say he will be so dangerous based on what he' has said……ummm, these are contradictory arguements.

  • A Lynn

    Chomsky, sounds like a dog in a pet food ad, and don't you spell 'Noam' with a 'G'?

    Attempted humor aside, broadly speaking there are two different populations within every human society. The first comprises individuals who, like most life forms, are genetically programmed to propagate as many genes as possible into future generations. However, the second, and this is a crucial distinction, are driven simply to increase the relative proportion of their own genetic material in future populations- psychopaths.

    Although far fewer in number (around 3% depending on the lines of latitude) the latter's necessary selection came about because the over predation of humans’ primary food source, the megafauna, during the Pleistocene epoch caused a rapid increase in inter-group competition. Simply to survive small bands of ancient hominids suddenly required some individuals prepared to override the evolved respect for human life (read genes) and kill, cheat, steal and fight rival hominid bands to secure dwindling resources. The selection and thereafter endurance of this diminished empathy, or more technically the absence of 'mirror neurons', was really a trade-off between success in inter-group competition versus the inevitable internal disruption they caused, and largely kept in check within each group through the fear of punishment. Now of course thousands of years ago this smaller sub-species was also kept in tight numerical equilibrium with the larger community by skirmishes and the high death rate that resulted from the required risky behaviour. However the problem that now besets the entire world is that humans live in groups of far greater number with modern weapons- nation states with a nuclear arsenals. This means that if an individual from this second group ever gains control (Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jong Ill, to name only the more recent) the consequences are horrific.

  • DDTPhoenix 12

    This video should be seen by every American who is planning on voting before the election

  • KW C.

    Watch this: Requiem for the American Dream" #2016

  • Rocío Aguilera

    Like always, professor Chomsky is knowledgeable, brave, and truthful

  • marco brenni

    Trump would be a catastrophe not only for the USA but for the entire world !

  • blowera1

    There's a lot of people giving the American people crap about being stupid because of who they do or don't vote for. This is a harsh and irrelevant view point because voting doesn't matter. The new poster person for the corporations that run America (and most of the world) has already been chosen. It will be interesting to see if the people decide to take back the power though. The first thing they'll probably need to do is get the Police Force back on the right side…

  • John B.

    You should hear what he says about Hillary.

  • Max Benser

    10 Cursed the man who goes about the Lord’s work grudgingly, nor with blood stains his sword!

  • Averros Apollo

    I don't understand why intellectuals like Noam are not in power ! I really don't .

  • Raoul Pifkey

    I have yet to hear one white man say he is for Hillary. They don't say they're for Trump, but they make fun of Hillary, call her names, etc. Now I speak of the 40 plus year olds, and the older they get the more sure they are against Hillary. I am for Hillary but to say so in this company they would think I am crazy. I would be an outcast. I am a male white over 40. So, this is what we have in my opinion: Old White Men who are seeing their power slip away and they don't like it! Actually I should say their IMAGINED POWER as really they have none except in their minds.

  • RationalThinker

    Google ‘Trump and the Central Park Five’.
    Trump demanded the execution of five 14-, 15- and 16-year-old boys for a crime they did not commit. He paid $85,000 to four newspapers for full page ads demanding the death penalty for the five. Despite being innocent they were imprisoned for more than a decade.
    Trump did not stop his attacks even after the boys were proven innocent. There were no apologies from him. Instead, he criticized the city’s compensation to the boys as a disgrace. His implication was that they were still guilty and got a reward for their 'crime'. Innocence means nothing to him. Trump would have put 5 innocent boys to death and did not care that they lost a decade of their lives in prison.He has a ‘Shoot First, Ask Questions Later’ philosophy. If he shoots someone innocent, he will lie and bribe and bully to avoid any blame, because HE FEELS NO GUILT. Any person with non-white coloring or a slightly foreign sounding name or gay must realize that they and their families will be the first targets for Trump’s police state. Could you live with yourself if your son or brother happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when a crime was committed? Trump would shoot first – and not even care if he shot your innocent son/brother/father/mother/daughter/sister.

  • 4stronaut

    Noam is good with philosophy to a certain extent. But he's babbling here. People who claim Donald Trump is a threat to the human race are using such ridiculous emotional hyperbole, which is the opposite of logic and reason.

    Trump is an ivy league graduate, a real estate tycoon who makes deals for a living, a best selling author, a celebrity, a philanthropist, he doesn't smoke, drink, or use drugs and he's raised some pretty intelligent, incredibly well spoken children. I understand that he has a brash, unapologetic sometimes douchey personality, but to liken him to some kind of doomsday scenario is immature at best.

  • Tom Wostoncroft

    Noam Chomsky, not just one of the most respected public intellectuals of our lifetime, not just one of the most important linguists of his lifetime, not just a philosopher and historian, but the best damn vantriloquist I have ever seen.

  • Mason Rowell

    turd sandwich