Noam Chomsky – Conspiracy Theories

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  • The Jaded Drow

    Chomsky was instrumental in the development of my critical thinking. I'm unsettled by his logic and framing of the discussion on 9/11 tho.

  • Pee bubbles

    Anytime you think outside of the box and don't follow the herd you will be labeled a conspiracy theorist. However i am so disillusioned by conventional wisdom i can think of no better method of analysis. What can a liar tell you that you can believe?

  • ethan therag

    Does… Does she have parkinson's? Why does her head bounce like a bobble-head going over moguls? Is she even listening, or just planning her shopping list?

  • Gary Higley

    there are a lot of fake conspiracies concocted by evil-minded people out there–for example, those who accuse the Jews of wanting to take over the world…the  #1 actual conspiracy of all time that does exist , is the age-old conspiracy of satan to keep people from acquiring a  saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and Biblical truth

  • Radnally

    Who needs a conspiracy theory ?! The US congress openly bailed out the favored big banks. The nastiest stuff is done out in the open.

  • Dickie 007

    8:45 and the UFO conspiracies.

  • George Cameron

    The cite on the Vietnam withdrawal is National Security Action Memorandum 263 dated October 1963. Also see James Douglass's book about Kennedy's efforts to settle Cuban issues directly with Fidel, as well as his direct communications with Khrushchev to bring an end to the Cold War.

  • George Cameron

    I cannot believe the Warren Commission's conclusion that Lee Oswald killed John Kennedy or that Jack Ruby acted without being ordered to.Kennedy may have been a hawk, but he was going to withdraw from South Vietnam. And recall that JFK fired Allen Dulles, Charles Cabel and Richard Bissell from CIA after he refused to provide military support for the Venceremos Brigade at the Bay of Pigs. And recall that RFK was aggressively targeting Cosa Nostra at the time.

  • CanyonLakeTX

    I just lost all respect for Norm. He makes ambiguous claims about the scientific facts of 911.

  • sensationsuperthrust

    what pentagon adviser papers about periodical leaking of JFK related infos is he refering to?

  • I Shawcross

    Maybe the reason they said 14 Saudi men had hijacked the planes was because they could invade and destroy just about any country they wanted after 9/11 as the public anger was so strong, but also because down the line they want to invade and destroy Saudi Arabia itself. They can wait until they are ready and then they'll give their justifications which are already known.

  • Info Dump

    Can I just point out that "The establishment leaks fake info to promote 9/11 type conspiracies to keep up busy with crap" is also a conspiracy theory.

  • lord helpus

    bottom line we went into iraq and bush repeatedly said a bunch of shit that really wasnt true about iraq.and the back of jfks head is completely blacked out in the zapruder film