Noam Chomsky 2016 After the Electoral Extravaganza

Noam Chomsky is a pioneering and world renowned linguist. He is the world’s most frequently cited scholar, a prominent critic of US foreign policy, and considered one of the founders of cognitive science. He has authored over 100 books, with his latest titled, “Who Rules the World?” and is currently is Institute Professor Emeritus at MIT.

Introduction by Subrata Ghoshroy.

This talk, presented at Harvard-Epworth Church, Cambridge, MA on May 12, 2016, was the second presentation in Massachusetts Peace Action’s Distinguished Peacebuilders Series
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  • Delando Lewis

    So happy Noam is still at it..

  • Gato Vette

    How relevant question…

  • FramedArchitecture

    I despise the first questioner who says "um uh" every third word. JESUS prepare your question then sit the fuck down.

  • Sal M (Nudimmud)

    I would like to subtitle this video in spanish, anybody has the transcription of this lecture? thanks.

  • MrDowdman

    53:10 – Great question and great answer.

  • Todd Reashore

    @ approx 35:00, which "netflix american foreign policy'" film was the young man mentioning ?


  • Todd Reashore

    How is it possible, that in 2016 any lecture by Noam Chomsky is not filmed/made avail in high definition ? 'MP4 Medium' ….Good grief !

  • Futures

    it is beyond belief just how little reporting about Ukraine and the looming crisis in the south china sea is on main media – so many people are just unaware of the fundamental danger life on earth is currently in

  • Amy J Smith

    Our generation keeps asking for his guidance, versus asking him if he can contribute any new insight to their own concepts or solutions for the issues. 🙁

    We need to prepare new systems, like he says, and get insight to our fresh ideas, not asking what he wants us to do. He wants us to stop asking for permission and start building the systems that will support the new economy and social structure we all seek to see. It is our turn to develop new. ♡

    Richard Wolff talks much on co-op enterprises and worker owned businesses. Same with Gar Alperovitz. ♡

  • Bethani Green

    discomforting. he himself is an inveterate whistle blower on reductionist, revisionist history. Thank you Dr Chomsky. Fascinating explanations.

  • soundofm135#### #

    simple, simple word trickery. no value.

  • Barry4B

    World war and climate change are so important that they have to be interrupted by advers every 2 minutes

  • Jeremiah lopes

    too many add , total boner kill

  • Anderson Santos (Oversight)

    a comercial every 10 min, this is ridiculous… can u plz disable the commercials never seen anyyhing like this on youtube
    PS: at 33th min I've seen 12 comercials… this cant be normal…

  • MCD Liac

    money is the offspring of war. life begets life . war begets money. edit 1. 26 letters in the alphabet . only 26 letters.

  • PBrofaith

    I like that Noam never talks against the really big money.