New York – George Carlin (Audio Only)

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  • ♔ Amateur Belly Dance ♔

    Love this man.

  • Jumpin’ JAKE Flash

    The part about homelessness and golf courses was pure genius!

  • Steve Wilds

    the best ever

  • Insert Name

    So many individual situations with no cheese.

  • Zachary Xavier

    RIP George Carlin! You were the best comedian ever. :-)

  • raziel11

    im sure that old fuck is down there…looking up at us, screaming. rip carlin 37-08 you will never be forgotten.

  • LpJunior537

    Im not trying to start anything. But did anyone notice a comedian who was anti illuminati is doing a well know illuminati hand gesture in the picture shown here?

  • Dan Miller

    The big electron. Where we perhaps go when we die and maybe get recycled back? Who knows?

  • Dan Miller

    It would be nice if George were still here. He would have had great commentary on this horrible election cycle.

  • Dan Miller

    Watching golf is worse than watching flies fuck.

  • dnbjedi

    God rest his mothafuckin' soul
    I know he dont believe but God has got you my man
    but God should have let us have you for 15 more years….

  • RegionPhilbis

    golf courses… fuck yeah!

  • Nicandro Martínez Sotelo

    thank God for this amazing talent our Lord gave us. his reflections have to.come from a divine source

  • I dont always

    I miss George. He is probably looking up at us right now, smiling or something.

  • iRenz0

    Man…I wish he was here to give us new insight on what's going on with the world now. I already have a good idea. But if want to hear it from George the only way he knows how to say it

  • richard hurts

    your family is over having a meal and THE DOG IS LICKING HIS BALLS

  • FuddMcKoog


  • Alex Smith

    What's the name of this show?

  • EntropyFan

    Even the name… "Bush" …. war criminals that should be hanged for treason… and the beer sucks too… I miss GC so much, but I'm glad I got to see him perform

  • Jumpin’ JAKE Flash

    George Carlin said that this was his favorite stand-up comedy special of his.
    This is brilliantly hilarious!