New WikiLeaks: A king’s $12M for access to Clinton

Latest Podesta email releases from WikiLeaks reveals Moroccan king’s M donation to Clinton Foundation to get meeting with Hillary, plus Hillary campaign’s problems on settling on a slogan. Fox News’ Ed Henry reports

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  • Brian McNamara

    We do not have to tolerate this. This is America

  • Brian McNamara

    let's get a petition going for her arrest

  • Brian McNamara

    why is she not in jail

  • Brian McNamara

    demand for her arrest

  • Charles Duke

    The danger to America is not Hillary Clinton but a citizenry capable of entrusting a woman like her with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of a Clinton presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a woman for their president.

  • Stanley Bacik

    And where are the Haitian's money? hmmm? disappeared?

  • No: Sic (#6)

    More Muslim support.

  • Jason Wright

    No one cares. Number one because these emails aren't actually from Hillary. She is running for president… not John Podesta. Number two, because I really haven't seen any "Hillary career ender" . Number three because the FBI has already found out that some of the wikileaks are fake, and never happened. And finally number four, because they were stolen in the first place. How would you like it if you were hacked and everything you have ever emailed got out for the entire viewing world to see?

  • Ian Daigle

    Clinton Obama eat shit with the illuminati that's why they attract flies

  • coit black

    Blocked for sharing on facebook. They said it was too fast!!!!

  • Michael Britt

    How do Americans ignore such dishonesty. When will Washington address corruption?

  • Ghd Hfudhhd

    kennedy died. why? please god exchange!

  • Tester Tester

    I would not want a businessman to run a country. Business is not a democracy, if anything it is closest to monarchy. I would not want a guy in charge to try to get rid of weak elements to make country prosper. Countries are made for people to live in not to bring in profit.