Mukasey on Clinton’s ‘explanation’ for WikiLeaks emails

Former U.S. attorney general reacts to ‘pay to play’ allegations
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  • strong foot

    Donkey Donald trump is trailing by 14 points and hence it is impossible for him to win.
    Assange and Wikishit are neither transparent nor fair. They are not political activists but workers by proxy for certain interests including Russia.
    Wikishit is involved in sabotaging the American general election. It is one sided and very biased. Assange and Wikishit lost all credibility. Russia, Wikishit and others are supporting Donkey Donald Trump for their own interests and not for the interests of america or American. These emails are private and were obtained by illegal means and therefore are futile in the political, economical and social circles. The world knows very well that the Republicans will lose and for sure 100% the presidency, the senate and the congress as the y became a real farce worldwide.

  • Angry Niqqles

    The United States Of Cover Up.

  • Dallas Yu

    That bizarre feeling you get when Fox News is the only news station making sense o_O

  • Agape

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.

  • austin styles

    Hillary supporters are you aware that you are aiding treasonous acts by Comey, Lynch, Obama and Clinton? All for what? Just because you want a female POTUS? This not about partisan politics. This is about our democracy and rule of law being undermined. Voting for Hillary is a vote against your country. And this not about Donald Trump, he is not in power. Do your duty and don't vote for this woman, she does not deserve to lead our nation. She's betrayed it.

  • Leanne Paterson

    Evidence of Hillary's major donor is Algeria. The nation of Algeria paid Hillary to get off the terrorist list. Free access to America. Thank you Wikileaks. It's all beginning to make sense.

  • superlativeOFgood

    Maria, I thoroughly enjoyed watching you at the Al Smith dinner. Your reactions were priceless.

  • Charlie andLori

    Hopefully, October 24th will go down into the annals of history. The day that forever changed the entire world. Say a prayer of protection for all our heroes!

  • john.

    is russia to blame for the content , who is responsible for this one pic copy paste

  • TheGreatestCorean

    I have a hard time believing these mainstream polls where they have Hillary up by 10 – 15 points. Outside of a rigged election system, I just don't see Hillary rolling over Trump like this. Everywhere I go, I only see Trump/Pence signs and hardly any Hillary/Kaine signs. Everybody I talk to is either voting for Trump or leaning Trump. What the hell is going on? Something don't smell right.

  • AltMediaNews

    She got away with 33,000 felonies. Winning the election ain't $hit.

  • Charles Miller

    Her corruption is sending the whole country down the tubes and all the media can do is either ignore it or sit around talking like these two as if its academic, as if we don't all live in the same country. But we do. And if she gets away with this and becomes president, the country we're in will cease to be America. Liberty will be dead and buried. We will look back on today's crap economy and dysfunctional healthcare as the good old days. And there will be war. Real war. World war. Unless: Trump.

  • King Kaymen

    I love your cleavage

  • Nebelbalito

    this Russia talk is BS, not to mention dangerous. This is not the 1950s/ McCarthy era ….

    this is just a preview of a Hillary presidency … oh how fucked we are and half of us don't even know it lol

  • Just Me

    The Democrats planted the Russian story back in March (I think, for sure before the Dem convention) when they had absolutely No Proof. In fact, they denied help from the FBI after they became aware of the hack.

  • AngeLita S

    the solution is not voting for trump ,bcoz he won't win any way ! they are mocking him in the media, many of his videos surfaced in this critical time, the solution as Mr. Mukasey said :"media and people must push her to reveal the truth "

  • Ron Helton

    I wish Fox would get it right.
    Hillary DOES NOT LIE, She MISSPEAKS. (we call that lying in Oklahoma).

  • TitusRockjaw

    FACT: Hillary's campaign looks EXACTLY the same Hitler's campaign before stealing the vote from Germans