Milo Yiannopoulos deconstructed by Sam Harris

Milo Yiannopoulos is a very controversial figure both online and off. He was recently banned from Twitter for “trolling”. He is a contradictory figure. Gay but also religious, a conservative but flamboyantly homosexual.
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  • David “The Tsar of Trolls” Doom

    Milo is obviously right with his well-argued critique of SJW's and PC-culture. But as immune he may be to left-liberal BS, he almost completely lacks all immunity to right-conservative BS. Trickle-down economics, climate-change denial, and so on. He's an ignorant, narcissistic 30+ brat with delusional self-image supported by the foolish crowdn of his half-witted fan-boys. He's an attention whore addicted to this admiration, and if he were suddenly to loose it, the result would be suicidal depression. He is able to attack SWJ's only when licking simultaneously the butt of their enemies. Ass-licker by nature is no independent mind.

  • Paul Masters

    One of the greatest voices of our time…

  • zoltan87

    Milo has some great thoughts, but if you look at the whole picture, he isn't particularly bright, has some deep issues and a weird kind of self hatred, which comes up from time to time. He really is just a troll, but amongst trolls he is indeed a more articulate one.

  • Hugo

    The guy's an attention whore, not much else to say about him, really.

  • Mike A

    I have seen the pictures Milo posts for his tours, the art that Milo uses for the tour. Even calling his tour the Dangerous Fagot, I think Milo craves spotlight. I think he is narcissistic. If not, there must be something because how can you look at those pictures and say, "that doesn't remind me of Kanye West."

  • omgfuckthis177

    I like Sam but fuck the way he speaks is so fucking annoying.

  • napukapu

    Milo isn't exactly wrong, but is a huge attention whore which is why I put him on mute.

  • Bendz0

    Milo is basically a personification of the reaction of a variety of people, both rational and irrational, to the vocal feminists and regressives.

  • Ryan M

    This doesn't break down Milo at all he only really talks about him for the first couple of minutes. Milo is conservatism for a young audience, outrageous and edgy I'm pretty sure he's not religious at all just uses it to be accepted by his audience. The one thing I think he really is worried about is immigration and noticed the left was never gonna do shit about so he joined the right and put on whatever mask was necessary.

  • D

    Sam's thoughts about 'joining tribes' is BANG ON. I agree with some 'right wing' stances and I agree with some 'left wing' stances. People need to think for themselves, not align themselves with ideologues.

  • Toph£

    He's not "obviously smart"… he obviously thinks he's smart. He's an idiot haha.

  • Iranianpower Pow

    milo is a narcissistic cunt.

  • jeff cd

    Sorry I can't have a conversation with you. You are right but slide by why you are right and why people do exactly what you understand they are doing. Ah well.

  • J Cena

    I think Sam could take a lesson from Scott Adams; the persuasion game has shaped human civilization, and possibly has an evolutionary basis. It is unfortunate that pure reason/rationality are not our guide, but it is foolish to be so myopic about the mechanisms and the benefits of the persuasion game. Bemoaning the negative aspects of this fact, while not realizing the other elements is an exercise in futility.

    This is why Milo is so prevalent. He has keen insight about tribalism and using that to his advantage.
    I would say that Milo is a mercenary, with his self-interest being highly attuned to what he desires.

    He is, however, not the poster boy of the alt-right. They fucking hate him. /pol/ and the Daily Stormer have engaged in campaigns to remove him from his status, albeit very unsuccessfully.
    As such, it is idiotic to place Trump in the alt-right as well, since he is far too favorable towards Israel to be a proper "anti-Zionist".

    Sam is partially right, and a little bit blind. Yes, it would be nice of logical coherence became the way of humanity, but rationality comes in inspired and short-lived spurts. The rest of the time is spent in tribal cohesion.
    And for good reason. Liberalism is insufficient to defend (modern) liberalism. The Islamic horde doesn't care about Western liberal secular democracies/republics.
    I think Ayn Rand had a much more solid grasp of classical liberalism than the limp-wristed faggots and their so-called "liberalism"; the enemy of the mind is an enemy of humanity. Destroy the wretches if they desire to poison the West.
    We cannot continue on this degradation of humanity. It is very unfortunate that the best champion we can muster in the US is some orange-tinted buffoonish alpha male jock, but it would be foolish to turn away from him. An enhanced Merkel 2.0 at the helm of the US would ruin national sovereignty for the rest of the existence of the US.

    The choice is gaining a foothold or leaping off the cliff edge. There is no guarantee of success with Trump (likely, it may be impossible to restore the US's hegemony at this point), but Hillary is a guarantee for failure. A violent, disgusting end, consumed by the mindless and uncivilized.

  • MichaelKingsfordGray

    Milo is religious. In other words delusional to the very core.

  • tobo86

    Milo is an intellectual joker, whereas Sam is an intellectual warrior. Clash of styles. Milo knows he can provoke people into weak positions while hiding his own sincere position, whereas Sam wants to continue intellectually grappling people into submission.


    # Skin color matters, smiles……

  • Jay D

    Who died and made Sam Harris the boss? Tired of hearing this cuck