Media Ignores Clinton’s Wikileaks Emails, Focuses On Russian Hacks

Corporate media is going along with the Clinton campaign’s tactic of focusing on the (unproven) claim that the Wikileaks emails were hacked by Russia. Meanwhile they pay little to no attention to the content of those emails. Jimmy Dore, Richard Eskow, and Alonzo Bodden, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“WikiLeaks is continuing to publish more emails from the account of John Podesta, the chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. One newly published email revealed that Clinton privately bashed environmentalists opposed to fracking and the Keystone XL pipeline. During a meeting with the Building Trades Union in September 2015, Clinton said the environmentalists should “get a life.””*

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Hosts: Jimmy Dore, Richard Eskow, Alonzo Bodden
Cast: Jimmy Dore, Richard Eskow, Alonzo Bodden


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  • Alpha Zero

    Be it Russia, or some pimply faced computer geek… I will take the truth from anyone.

  • integrity matters

    could be our family member murdered by the corrupt incompetence of the status quo – they drive around in limos while 22 vets commit suicide every day – and american children go hungry – please vote against the status quo = vote for change – NEVER HILLARY

  • strong foot

    Donkey Donald trump is trailing by 14 points and hence it is impossible for him to win.
    Assange and Wikishit are neither transparent nor fair. They are not political activists but workers by proxy for certain interests including Russia.
    Wikishit is involved in sabotaging the American general election. It is one sided and very biased. Assange and Wikishit lost all credibility. Russia, Wikishit and others are supporting Donkey Donald Trump for their own interests and not for the interests of america or American. These emails are private and were obtained by illegal means and therefore are futile in the political, economical and social circles. The world knows very well that the Republicans will lose and for sure 100% the presidency, the senate and the congress as the y became a real farce worldwide.

  • Alpha Zero

    Ask Bernie Sanders about what its like when others interfere with the integrity of our elections.

  • Rto Rto

    These dudes being "surprised" that democrats are using rhetoric to promote war as if it is a Republican only thing is extremely naive to the bigger picture of history

  • VRNC

    Hillary has no problem potentially starting World War 3 and costing millions of lives.

  • Nino A

    i dont like jimmy all the time, but hes honestly the most clear and open minded guy on TYT. and i do like his opinions even though i support trump over clinton.

  • Michael Adams (ARCWuLF)

    If you want to vote for someone that has exactly your ideals, Jimmy, then write yourself in on the ballot: Your candidate probably still won't win, but then you'll at least know who you're voting for. Oh, and if you do happen to win, then you'll know that if things fall apart that it's entirely your fault. ALL politicians are bad; this is the system we've built by letting these rats in office. Until you change things on the GROUND (that is to say, local and state levels) you're never going to make a difference nationally, and I don't EVER hear you touting that.

  • Karch Dah-Veed

    When you guys say "the media" is ignoring the corruption and criminality of HRC, I assume you are not excluding your own little boutique channel (the present superficial commentary notwithstanding).

  • David Eilering

    Republicans like to say the Mexicans and other 3rd world countries have taken our jobs. In reality it is Congress that has allowed our jobs to move to other countries. Congress passes the laws that allows the easy flow of capital to move from US to elsewhere. It is Congress that refuses to add a tariff on goods entering US. It is Wall Street that influences Congress to pass these laws. Do we really live in a global economy or is it party of the narrative that is spoon fed so we blame everyone except those truly at fault. Political decisions influenced by those that profit the most. Follow the money

  • steelpenguin1

    Jimmy the only voice of reason on TYT

  • poidial

    Jimmy Dore, (aka the "Spitting Llama") can't be taken seriously anymore

  • Brad Smith

    Jimmy Dore, why is Cenk so set on voting for Hillary. Can't you knock some sense into him!

  • FIST2k8

    Stolen emails they may be but NOTHING changes the content. Keep her the hell out of Syria or we're all doomed

  • Simon Farre

    dont listen to these fools, they dont know shit about russias acts of war in the last 5 years. spies, media campaigns, psychological warfare in europe. european security agencies have all said this for years. so these people are eiter intentionally lying or they are ignorant of us foreign politics. we in europe know whats going on.

  • Simon Farre

    jimmy thinks there can be c ooperation between the west and russia… wow such wonderful ignorance

  • ocast evo

    Can't wait to see Hillary get the lowest voter turn out in presidential history/

  • Alsi Pichardo

    Hey man, they are not boots. Don't say boots on the ground, is a bad therm. Just say men on the ground or soldiers on the ground.

  • James G

    For fucks sake, the media has already been caught working with Hillary in emails, theres footage of clintons press secretary handing reporters the questions to ask hillary, just admit it you cunts.

  • James G

    Media Ignores Clinton's Wikileaks Emails, Focuses on Trump locker room talk from 11 years ago.