Legal implications of Clinton emails released by WikiLeaks

Gregg Jarrett breaks it down
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  • SlowerMinds

    JARRETT: THere are Emails that talk about them working with their Super PACS… WTF are you talking about????

    Damn, come on Fox. Take a clue from Megyn Kelly's interview of Donna Brazile… I thought Donna was gonna cry… lol

  • star bright

    Perhaps California voters will shift to Trump when they listen to this video, especially residents of the valley.

  • Ricqi Gianopoulos

    I realize that you have to say "allegedly" because you don't have any other proof, but really guys, Hillary DELETED thousands of emails, so why would you doubt this? Wiki Leaks vets all of their stuff before they release it, that is how they have kept such a good reputation. Juliane Assange should be considered a hero because of what he has done.
    I as an American am sick and tired of watching Hillary and her cronies get away with all of the stuff they have gotten away with. I never thought we in America would see such corruption and watch it go by. Can we please stop this insanity. SHE BROKE THE LAW ON SEVERAL ACCOUNTS , JAIL HER. I am embarrassed at this point as the World watches us, we use to be the leader, now we are a laughing stock to the world. Are you content with this? Are you willing to allow this to continue?
    I have heard it say, " it is up to the American people" , but really, if we do not have congress, the senate, and the media behind us, our power is limited. Please, what will it take to stop this woman?

  • Banana2345 Mlg_inc5564

    Wikileaks more credible than CNN, Hillary Clinton and other MSM. I don't understand why she is not in jail. USA=Banana Republic. Incredible.

  • Raymond Candelaria

    lead follow or get out of the way

  • Spankda Bag

    CNN is govt run media. Vote Clinton for JAIL. VOTE Trump America.

  • Ted Baas


  • Bruan Hardrada

    Christopher is as Christian as a name can be, stop trying to make it a white name. Podesta wanted it to be a Christian, he didn't care about skin color.

  • darell johnson

    she's treated like a queen. she can get away with anything and not go to jail.

  • mesquite16

    it's the rebirth of La Cosa Nostra