Learn How To Attract Women Using Language Patterns

A speed seducer uses language patterns to attract and seduce women. Ross Jeffries teaches you how to identify language patterns, and tap in to them to relate to women faster.

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  • Cris Robles

    Debby gonna get raped

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  • Chris

    its sad that this room full of men have to listen to this dumb ass give them advise on how ot get laid,,look at him,do you want to get a hot chick or a ugly fat chick,,,,i bet the later is all he ever got,to top it off,,he gets paid prob a ridiculous amount of money from these guys to do so,,,,get a life be yourself,there are 7 woman to 1 man,,your odds are pretty good just being urself

  • Iron Crow

    Fuck man, I've been reading SS for over a year now. I feel like i read so much I don't know where to start with a fucking pattern. So I decided to write everything down about ways to introduce patterns. I need to record myself out loud because I really want to push this forward and start getting laid I need to see this shit for myself and describe about my experiences. 

  • ringbolt9

    dude stop saying does that make sense

  • Lorent Jovet

    That is so true, you should tell that to every single woman that criticizes any material of the community.

  • r0b45

    Why is it atrocious? Girls wear lipstick, makeup and skimpy clothing to make guys feel attracted to them, or at least boost their chances. Why shouldn't guys use language patterns to create attraction?