Latest WIKILEAKS: Tim Kaine & Donna Brazile WARNED: You’re Next !

Today WIKILEAKS Warned Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile: You’re Next !
After Wikileaks relesaed Obama’s “Pseudonym” yesterday, today Wikileaks sends a warning to Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile of the DNC that they are next!
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  • Lawrence johnson

    I sure hold you got the goods on this dirt bags

  • Lyn Portello

    Does this fat load even have a brain.i think shes working on empty! You must RESIGN. ASAP…you got caught cheating and lying beotch! BYE

  • liabilitymate

    This is just getting better everyday…

  • Mac

    Donna Brazile is a high level witch

  • Jeff Underwood

    let the fly's eat them

  • ray mcmillan

    The noose is tightening  now!!!!!I have a strange feeling that Julian s saving the best for last meaning that the emails that the evil witch got rid of are actually in WikiLeaks possession.Judge Napolitano himself has stated that the dnc and nsa are the one's responsible for the hack.Believe it or not there are honest people in the government that want to do the right thing.Should be very interesting.Take your country back people!!!!!!Trump all the way!!!!!!!!!!A vote for Hillary is a vote for corruption!!!!

  • Apple Bag

    they are all so corrupt , it makes me sick to think what this government has come to,,  the people are so blind they except this as the norm and don't care about it… America needs a revolution imo

  • Wanda Daugherty

    some say Aunt Jemima. …not me!! God Bless and protect Assange!

  • Theresa Hoffman

    I'm going to have to book a spare plane for all u criminals. Maybe Jeffrey Epstein has an extra.. Oh wait his friend in Ohio may help us out.. He has several in Columbus air port..

  • Theresa Hoffman

    Here we go two more for Epstein island Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile.. Donna we will let u set by ur friend on Jeffrey's plane. Be careful she may open the door of the plane and push u both out around 12,000 feet. Hope u both can swim!!! I

  • Oveida Sinclair

    God bless Julian Assange and WikiLinks.

  • Cool Cat

    Donna Brazile is one stupid person.

  • Mario Cantani

    Any guesses what the surprise is?

  • Scotto Wd

    I hope so, but the American sheeple are so willfully ignorant, I don't know if it will make a difference.

  • Ryan Gurganus

    Obama, Brazile, Lynch, Holder, and Michelle no wonder weve gone planet of the apes

  • Brent Schmidt

    I hope impeachment is on the way. Come on Congress, we're counting on you guys!