Kip Andersen of Cowspiracy Live on Breaking the Set
Co-director of ‘Cowspiracy’ Kip Andersen talks with Abby Martin of RT about the meat industry being the biggest contributor to climate change and why environmental groups rarely take it on.

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  • TRe’ CooL

    green gasses have nothing to do with globad cooling..
    It's the sun.. do the reshearch.. don't belive politicans as mr.Algore

  • clutch clasher

    we don't need to stop eating meat we need population control because we are consuming too much

  • Spoo Rin

    Yes!! Go vegan!!

  • TheOther99%

    How can America pat itself on the back for being a so called democracy and allowing freedom of speech when people have been silenced and even killed for speaking out against big business ?

  • TheOther99%

    I'm amazed this guy hasn't been assassinated yet

  • munterboy

    This guy is smart

  • munterboy

    Asians love meat, they will destroy the world

  • Stewart Boyd

    Great guy……great documentary…we reap what we sow…humans…we are a disgrace to such a beautiful planet. We will self destruct in the future!

  • Emilie Mataila

    Just to point out, it is not only meat, but all animal products, and in the influence of all animal producing industries for human food use (Dairy, Egg, and Fishing as well) So if you are considering a change, please consider vegan rather than vegetarian alone. Please go vegan! For more info on the excruciating damage being done by the Fishing and Seafood industry, check out the documentary, Seaspiracy.

  • AlwaysBeNice

    A true hero

  • David Macdonald

    what sound advice, and what a sound interviewer.

  • Emily Fitch

    Just watched this. I am in shock and feel SO angry.  People are so fucking ignorant and lazy because they like the taste, etc.  Do you not give a fuck about your grandkids???

  • Melanogaster

    Tee shirt and car lasting for an entire life? But that's not the capitalist way!

  • Pabs

    that chick is so hot, id let her sit on my face

  • meforsure

    He is stupid.. He lacks understanding about nature and farming. Guess thats what happens when you live bayside, San Fransisco with no interaction with nature..

  • Eric Inglis

    #1 cure for these mentioned problems? carbon tax. Soz everyone its gotta happen

  • Los.A Chefs