Jon Stewart Interviews George Carlin

from HBO 40 Years of Comedy
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  • Brian Burleigh

    George: "You are going to show us alot…and I look forward to it." WOW did he nail that or what? Just a wonderful conversation from two men I can't help but admire.

  • 1ex1uger

    Awesome to hear Carlin acknowledge Bill Hicks.

  • Daniel Murray

    you know, I like a bit of George, but his rants get very tedious and
    same-ey, and his insights, actually look at them "we all talk but no one
    listens.. and various similar statements spat out in a row" that is
    rhetoric, maybe good rhetoric.. but it is not insight from him, it is re
    packaged by him… really, he is massively over rated, and he's pretty
    PC, almost all of what he says is in line with what we consider the
    correct way to think today, saying fuck and shit and this tedious
    "anger" is not anti PC, it's how PC people talk to sound un PC, as most
    people do not know what PC is, all you have to do is say "I don't care
    if you are offended" and people will think you are anti PC… being PC
    is to be excessively married to what is considered the right way to
    think politically and socially, George is/was very PC… he does seem to half go off PC, but not really, he has the uber PC anti white male line for one, maybe he has torn down feminist BS and I missed it, but I have seen him talk on gender, and he is super PC… what view does he take that is not PC? attacking politics etc is PC .. especially if you put a hint of feminism in. But really, it's just style and rhetoric by and large, te substance is repeating the PC zeitgeist to people who want to hear it.

  • Docktor Jim

    At 12:13, George told us what we would all come to know for ourselves.

  • Paul Durkee

    Why does he mention Stevens Point Wi?

  • p “peterpotpie”

    What a great talent.

  • Nancy Dumas

    I wonder what Gorge Carlin would say about todays presidential nominees.

  • Edward Von Alexander

    I Love both these guys but NOOOO!! Stop trying to analyse and take to seriously, Comedy.