Joe Rogan Experience #812 – Russell Brand & Jim Breuer

Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. Jim Breuer is a stand up comedian, actor, author, singer and host.
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  • FartyPock4Million

    I never feel envy, is there something wrong with me?

  • AngryJT

    Ha Russell talkin about real addictions then Joe goes "Games… archery…" C'mon man.

  • Michael Coakley

    An Amazing show. why have I not been listening to this until today? One LOVE

  • Alexander Tate

    The accent makes him sound like a genius

  • I Be The Shmee (ShmeeTimes3)

    got to 59:00 and slow it down to .5 speed. LOLOLOL

  • Rob

    Russ NEEEEEEDS to make his own podcast!I know i'd watch/listen!

  • Kirm Sull

    Hollywood vampires

  • Mike M

    One of these things is not like the others

  • GrassFedMeats

    Stop being greedy! Excuse me I'm rich mate…I'm aloud to have money

  • GrassFedMeats

    can't Russell just not

  • robb1324

    I love Russell Brand, but he is mischaracterizing the double-slit experiment. Things don't only materialize when people observe them consciously, they also materialize when machines observe them absent of any humans. Thus mostly ruling out the whole spiritual consciousness creates all, theory.

    Wouldn't surprise me if we eventually find out that there is something of a shared consciousness though. Perhaps communicating in some yet undiscovered way. Some insects do it, women link up menstrual cycles… shit obviously already happens to some extent.

  • gibbsies

    Hicks was funniest towards the end.

  • Kyle S

    the kennison impressions – so amazing

  • Super Man

    This is one of the best Podcasts Joe ever did.

  • Choose Goose

    Jim Breuer

  • Mark Maddox


  • Hutt387

    Jim Breuer reminds me of jack vale

  • richie macangus

    comedy genius es the way jim just blows his load all over every 1 an hour in so hard his teeth fall ooot is funny as fuck in tip top like