Joe Rogan Experience #804 – Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and author of the New York Times bestsellers, The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The Moral Landscape. His podcast called “Waking Up” is available on iTunes & Stitcher.
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  • James Batten

    in a related note, I would love to see Robert Sapolsky on the show. not only is he brilliant but he has a sense of humor

  • yermanoh

    4 hours and 28 minutes are you shitting me, joe please figure out a way of not having 4 hour and 28 minute long videos

  • siqpuppie

    I wish Joe would have Sam on at least once a month. This was fantastic.

  • DeAndre Jose Mohammed

    One day I'll make it through this entire podcast.. One day.

  • Think Piece

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  • RaptorRed Delta

    These guys are missing a 750,000+ unit source of super-autism subscribed to this channel already. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE! THE FUTURE IS UPON US!

  • Sergant Kornballz

    How is veganism like a cult? This is one of the dumbest things i hear Joe say. I don't know why he is so against not killing animals. How is that extreme? He only want to hear what he wants to hear (that's why he had the one guy on saying how unhealthy veganism) and ignores all the facts that makes him feel uncomfortable. He didn't even let the makers of cowspiracy talk when he had them on. He needs to Dr michael greger on the show, to knock some sense into him.

  • GodmyX

    Thanks, Joe!

  • Jesus卐, Ñigger卐 (CúntKìkeFággot)

    Those must be really comfortable headphones. 4.5 hours?

  • Loretto McCartney

    I have to thank them. This is one of the best conversations I have listened to in my life. I am 57.

  • Loretto McCartney

    There is so much pleasure in listening to a deep conversation that lasts longer than twenty minutes between to smart people with decent ethics.

  • Loretto McCartney

    I live on a small farm, this is always death, perhaps lessening suffering and living simply can be expressed in many ways. Muscle tissue culture has no surrounding immune system to protect it. Only time and experiment will establish if we can succeed to suppliment that nessessary control. But everyone has the ability to reduce waste and suffering.

  • Proud2bGreek1

    Sam Harris has no idea what he says when he talks about the Trump – Hillary issue. 2:25:30 Trump is pandering to his voters when he's "racist" and "misogynistic"? So people who support him over Hitlery are attracted by those supposed aspects of his personality?

    Fuck off Sam Harris, that's incredibly SJW-y of you.

  • BattousaiHBr

    the fact this went on for four and a half hours shows how great of a guest sam is.

  • Tim Scarff

    I like how they can both let each other go off on an intellectual thought/point without the other one interupting until they're done. Really goes to show how both of them are so open minded

  • DelusionaryKiller

    "30,000 people a year dying every year, based on ape driving" :^)
    But seriously, 30,000 driving related deaths a year in comparison to 200,000 (at 1:49:04 ) people dying by hospital care in the same timeframe? Holly fuck that's scary as shit. Most of this podcast was scary as shit, even when I knew a lot of what was said about diseases, the AI is just an icing on the cake.

  • DNT B scared HOMIE

    all due respect…THIS IS THE REAL SHIT