Joe Rogan Experience #217 – Michael Ruppert

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  • Jason Fine

    "im planting my ass there (northern california) they're gonna have to come by the bulldozer to get me out of there" … i wonder what happened… RIP Mike

  • Horribleness77

    This was a great podcast, you know what would of made it great….if Bryan Redband hadn't of been there or just kept his mouth shut. What a tool cracking jokes about Pat Tillman's death..good god.

  • Melchersson

    The masturbating thing did we have in a suburbia but in this case they dressed him like a girl and he had a poke pulled up inside him almost up to his throat! So I think this is a signal when they murder someone like this.

  • Melchersson

    Ruppert is not or was not SUICIDAL! He was murdered like Phil Schneider,John Mack, Karla Turner and countless other!

  • f rr

    RIP! Shed some more light !

  • jO BLO

    Joe Rogan Experience #217 – Michael Ruppert

  • MrShabbaaaa

    Albert Einstein: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." we need to be more consciously aware as a race to save the planet.

  • MrShabbaaaa

    13:35 loooool

  • Byzantios1

    Joe is sooo stoned during this interview

  • NoblenessDee

    420 = 28 (grams in one oz) x $15 (price of one gram in some places during the mid 90s ) = $420 in your pocket after you hussel off your oz by the gram.

  • DarkBungleX

    I don't think Joe understands nuclear power stations. You CAN shut them off, anytime you want EXCEPT if you have a massive earthquake that destroys everything in a couple seconds and you don't have time to shut it off.

  • Finchy

    WhenRogan asks where did this originate from? Most probably 4chan

  • Stanley Okazaki

    Anyone else think it's funny as hell that after having such a serious and compelling conversation Joe Rogan ends it by talking about the flesh light? lol

  • Bill Hughes

    Michael Ruppert showed INFINITE class by not walking out on this Rogan-fest. I'd have told Joe and his chuckle-monkey sidekick to take his AIDS , roll it up, stick it on the end of a broomstick and JAM IT HARD AND HIGH!
    HOLY CRAP! Ruppert can't even get started on his answer to a question from Rogan and he interrupts with another totally unrelated question!

  • Jake Berg

    That MUST BE Duncan Trussell laughing in the background!!!!

  • Domzdream

    I miss this guy.

  • El Cid

    I havnt seen Rogan as high as he is in this one before haha! Around 30 minutes in, you notice how he repeats himself with "O my god!" Strong weed in deed! Hahahaha