Joe Rogan Experience #173 – Peter Joseph

Joe Rogan Experience #173 - Peter Joseph

JRE #173 – Peter Joseph
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  • Brad Schulz

    I like alot of what Peter stands for and believes, but one thing I think he's wrong about is the nature of people. He thinks that people can be fixed or have their thought processes altered for the good but I think there are inheritantly evil people. Call it yin and yang or whatever you want but I believe there will always be evil people that cannot be stopped with anything short of death. I could be wrong but he seems too optimistic and politely naive in my opinion when it comes to everyone living in harmony.

    "There are some men that just want to see the world burn"
    – Alfred, from that awesome Batman movie

  • Brad Schulz

    well all I know is that I'm glad that I will always have a job…until we make terminator style robots capable of moving and thinking like a human can. I wonder how many people hear this automation talk and genuinely get pissed or stressed by the thought of what they do as meaningless. Or just those that do irrelevant things that have no purpose like stock traders and politicians…if we live in a democracy then why do we have politicians again? can't we all vote on proposals and propose them ourselves?

  • 7Karma

    It would be nice if Joe can bring Peter Joseph again. but man this view count is just so low

  • Ol Beef

    Typical rogan response when confronted about studies showing money has nothing to do with creativity. "Yeah but I like money"

  • Arjang Jameh

    When Peter says having a lot of excess property is an act of violence, Joe laughs like a kid, because it bothers him, he likes the idea of social darwinism, without even knowing what evolution even means

  • arjang jameh

    Let's not get it twisted, this was a great conversation, HOWEVER one sided, Joe Rogan is an intellectual midget. He merely acts like he's open minded. The fact that he says a Ferrari is the best car ever created, and argues with peter about it even when peter presents so many angles as to why this is a piece of shit car…AND he comes on with Stefan Molyneux and makes fun of Peter's views….this shows he is an establishment oriented way of thinking. Just another idiot, but more dangerous, since he has a bunch of drooling followers who think he is a god of intelligence

  • time- Binder

    Joe Rogan Quote " I fucking love money" This is the main reason why the world is so chaotic .I don't think Joe really understands why he needs to evolve from this way of thinking.He truly loves money because that is a major part of his life even if he does not want to admit it.I enjoy Rogan and he has wonderful guests. I think many people get turned off to Rogan when he uses his comedy in discussions of seriousness at the wrong point in the podcast . You can only make a joke out of something for so long when people start to think is this meaningful or am I talking to a child.When you go on to JRE podcast be prepared to have some of your thoughts ridiculed.Remember Peter is a crazy nut that hates money and you should be more normal like Joe.

  • Rich Dean

    Peter Joseph reminds me of a chaotic good character from D&D.

  • Needle Factory

    Whats he doing now? he seems to have dispeared

  • Charlie Jennings

    Got to do a re-run of this one, Joe's high as fuck and keeps chatting shit and the camera and audio is poor. Joe's podcasts nowadays are much better, Joe listens more and has got all the lad test equipment.

  • Dirty Mördy


  • Algie

    This is an awesome conversation with a wealth of knowledge and new perspectives. Also 1:38:53 to set up your cunt

  • Trollman Deuce

    I love the flesh-light plug