Jason Chaffetz Relentlessly Hammers James Comey About Hillary’s New WikiLeaks

Jason Chaffetz Relentlessly Hammers James Comey About Hillary's New WikiLeaks

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  • Kath Casey

    I like this Cathrine journalist. Those "pressors" must hate to see her coming! Thanks for posting Douglas!

  • lori pip

    all this corrupt dump load of info , and Hillary is still not in jail?

  • Atheism is Madness

    I was pulled over for doing 70 in a 25 mile school zone. I told the cop I no intentions of breaking the law and he laughed and wrote me a 400 dollars ticket. I'm not paying and Comey better have my back when I go to court.

  • lindalovesmusic1

    I'm starting to question who this guy is? He turned his back on Trump and decided not to vote for him? Maybe he's just pretending to do his job. But I think Obama basically has his own FBI. So if that's the case, she'll never be indicted or impeached.

  • MrKnifeFanatic

    Trying to alter a document that is under subpoena is obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence.

  • jesse cobern

    Clinton JUST TOLD THE WORLD( @the debate 3) OUR NUCLEAR RESPONSE TIME, is this not classified information.

  • Greg Ouellette

    I used to like Chaffetz until he bailed on Trump. Political idiots need to learn to say, "No comment." God Bless.

  • Dryootube

    comeys on the take what a disgrace I am disgusted

  • Elmarco Elmarco

    Not relevant = Cover up
    Get out and vote! Round up all your social circle and drag them down to the poles Nov 8th!

  • carpenter0909

    Jimmy the weasel

  • Patricia Mcgreal

    Mr Trump has been right all along about everything.

  • berenjervin

    Clinton has committed so many crimes the FBI is ignoring, its pointless even talking about it when we find out she committed another – no one is going to prosecute her, they think she will change after election day.

  • Yftwentytwo

    Comey is a dirty cop and should be prosecuted along with that nasty bitch Hillary.