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Jacque Fresco is the Director of The Venus Project
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I still remember the day in August 2012 when Futurist Jacque Fresco and his partner Roxanne Meadows of the Venus Project came to our studios for London Real episode #47. After accepting my offer to pick them up I headed off to Waterloo station with camera crew in tow to record the arrival of one of our century’s great thinkers.

After nearly getting arrested by the transit authority for recording video in a public station, I was soon struck by the resilience of Jacque Fresco: this man of 96 years demonstrated a quick wit and a mind sharp as a tack.

For the next hour we were left alone with Jacque (thank you for trusting us Roxanne) and explored everything from his relationship with Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement to his thoughts on the Resource Based Economy to the basic tenets of the Venus Project. Little did we know that this episode would soon become one of our most popular and defining episodes of London Real with over 200,000 views.

Recently celebrating his 98th birthday Jacque Fresco shows no signs of slowing down and you can still visit him and Roxanne Meadows at the Venus Project in Florida where they give 4 hour lectures every week on Saturdays. They are also working on a documentary film which you can learn more about it and donate by visiting The Venus Project Homepage.

Jacque Fresco has a uncanny way of transcending age, race, culture, and nationality that I still can’t quite explain. Perhaps it is the fact that he has spent a lifetime dedicated to a message and truth that has never been fashionable or popular without ever giving up.

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  • Tommy Kopp

    As long as money exist this Planet will be screwed up.. period!!!

  • Kavin Mitran Barathidasan

    Why aren't spiders insects? In my native language, anything with an exoskeleton is called an insect. I was surprised when Jacque Fresco called spiders insects. He made a slip, but it took me a while to realize it, because in my culture it is perfectly normal to call spiders 'insect'. Infact in the Tamil Language, spider is called ettukaal-poochi, meaning 'eight-legged insect'.

  • Buraidah

    his stories are very hard to believe

  • J M de Lima

    There are a few people I would love to have a conversation. This man is one of them. I do not believe I'm alone in this.

    Thanks London Real for sharing his wisdom with the world. Count with me to help you on anything you need.

    J. de Lima

  • Philly Wu

    so glad I know of this great man.

    his logic makes sense to me.

  • Paul Archibald

    in 46 minutes just before 47 Christ didn't tell god that because he didn't know he was pleading for their souls

  • Evan Snedecor

    it's just a illusion that you worked hard for your stuff lmao.

  • Evan Snedecor


  • GameplayReviewUK

    Jacque Fresco is the best!

  • Diego Torres

    I can't understand what jacque say about tesla and wireless.. cant listen clearly… can anyone write what he says?

  • jerico hans

    that system is so balance system , and human behavior always changes .. we need something that can control desire of human

  • Caldera Records

    I just donated $10.00 to Jacque via www.thevenusproject.com/donations/ because I believe [not only in him but also] in his vision.

    It's funny, I feel in debt for the knowledge I've learnt just watching this video! He truly is a teacher! But it also reveals to me just how very little we seemed to have learnt from society. It's like they gave me a job to deliberately hinder me from learning more as soon as I was able.

    I love you Jacque. Just as any student craves & loves more time with the master.

  • Bukaloom

    Please look up the video below if you are curious as to how much longer we have until a social collapse. Dr. Meadows is one of the few academics willing point out the need for drastic social change.

    'Dr. Dennis Meadows: Strategies for Success in a World with Limits'

  • Richard Plunkett

    I hate the production. Hate it. Weak minded idiots. You use all the usual marketing, human psychology B.S., with dramatic music, cuts, blah blah. Jacgue understands what we need to do as a species to preserve life on this planet. The way in which you have presented it here, ain't helping.

  • Infinite Baffle

    I believe that the solutions The Venus Project (TVP} are viable, but simple solutions to World problems, such as sustainability. However, the most difficult solutions would be the migration to these simple solutions. The most difficult problem we face is how to migrate one or many cultures to begin adopting the plan TVP provides. This migration would most likely take another lifetime of work for many people.