Jacque Fresco – Stockholm Lecture – The Venus Project [EXTENDED]

Jacque Fresco - Stockholm Lecture - The Venus Project [EXTENDED]

This is a recording of Jacque Fresco’s and Roxanne Meadows’ lecture in Stockholm July 24. 2010. In this lecture they explain The Venus Project and a resource based economy.

First hour is lecture.

Second hour is Q & A.

The lecture is about how our mind set and the monetary system is the source of the problems in the world today, and how a resource based economy, a society without money or trade, an updating of our values and mind set, and relevant use of technology and knowledge can develop our civilization to become a truly sustainable society with abundance for everyone.

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  • gwd109

    What do you do with all the bad people, with no prisons? Some people are just naturally evil like central bankers Rothschild, Rockefeller, serial killers like Ted Bundy and Harold Shipman. What would you do with them?

  • plumeria66

    According to scientist Al Bielek who time travelled to the future, the world will be run by software programs and anti-gravitational cities will be floating to preserve the earth's natural resources. It will be socialism where nobody will be in lack for anything, and you can visit the ground as a tourist, like New York City, which will have been devastated by flooding and will be turned into a museum for sightseers. Populations will also have been reduced due to wars and natural disasters by then.

  • Daniel Stump

    They have a lot of imagination.
    But did they ever actually build anything?

  • Bruce Asadi

    How on earth someone can talk and worry about future and sustainability, and not address, at least, the environmental impact of meat and dairy and egg and honey industry?!? This movement is either phony or just simply Not About Sustainability. It is probably just to sell some repeated lecture materials on CD's and DVD's and books and seminars, under the consideration and acceptance of the Big Brother. Pain, Has a Definition, and that definition does not apply to plants, because they don't have a neural system connected to a central pain receptor and interpreter. And Even If They Did, it'd be again a false argument, because By eating animals, we need to "Kill" more plants than in the case that we just eat them directly. So, it logically gets rejected in many levels. And yet, I'm personally sorry to hear that he came up with 'Plants feel pain too' argument there.


    His architectural project is quite ridiculous in fact.. (

  • Robert Desrocher

    looks and sounds great.. what if a Bush or CLINTON or some roug system got control? kinda sounds like N.W,O. BUT IN a perfect world….

  • Shivedogg

    i wish i could have won the billion dollar lottery so i could fund and buy the Venus project movie into Hollywood. its sad but at the same time its true…you have to have money with a good heart to defeat the monetary system.

  • youtude y

    This guy is biased and framed religion to villainize it and mock it. He only quotes it to attack it.

  • youtude y

    55:04 "You don't learn much from history."?? WTH!?

  • guttural truth

    "Has nothing to do with socialism or communism" Amazing how little people read. Technically the Zeitgeist Movement advocates for some anarchist ideal, but still. It has A LOT to do with socialism and communism.

  • Chantae McDonald


  • John Go

    Why someone need to die to get changes, we need change right now for the better world.
    Everybody want to live in peace, safe & equal.

  • Orctowngrot

    Monorails?, MONORAILS. They are the hilarious SYMBOL of bad design. NO MONORAILS! OK>? 27.33.1089.99.18.9 OTG.

  • DentalTech1000

    He has many good insights but many no so good insights as well. For example, Harry Truman didn't want to drop the bomb in the ocean off Japan because a) we only had a couple of bombs at that point and b) he felt the Japanese wouldn't believe it unless it was dropped on land, they would think it was some sort of trick. He was right. Even after the first bomb was dropped on Hiroshima they didn't surrender. It took another atomic bomb. Harry may have been a dumb hat salesman but he was a very good president.

  • Marie C. Perron

    I been watching TVP lectures and documentaries for the last year or so and I really love the idea. I am interested in a change like many others are and I still wonder how this project could take place. IMO a successful transition should in no way involve violence. No street riots, no manifestations by the masses, no protests of any kind. We could not possibly win a war against the elite and the power they hold on us. Especially when we are talking worldwide. No, that would be impossible, if not suicide.

    So what does Dorothee do when she realizes that she cannot stop the Wizard of Oz with the help of her friends? Especially knowing they each lack a very important tool like a heart, a brain and a backbone to overcome this evil?

    Hmmm… she does what she needs to do to save the world right now. She feeds and supports the greater good (TVP) with a donation and encourages as many people as possible to do the same. Volunteering and getting involved with the project as best as one can is the safest and surest way to make it happen and fast.

    Here is a link to their website donation page.