Interviewer Tries to Make Russell Brand Nervous

Interviewer Tries to Make Russell Brand Nervous

Russell Brand – The Trews: I’m Tedious With My Heterosexuality
Illuminati Johnny Rotten

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  • Lance Love

    I didn't know he had a show running for so long….

  • Matt doobrey

    i have respect for what Russell said at the end .
    In an age we live in where the general media is obsessed with nit picking and slagging off celebrities for mostly minor trivial things , adding to the divisive culture , it takes courage and integrity to hold yourself in your own true way despite a whole myriad of entities / corporate interests hellbent on altering peoples opinions and the general outlook on life.

  • Ekagra Sharma

    Imagine there was a girl instead of Russell in this situation. Feminists would be shouting sexual harassment. Men don't cry about these things. But that interviewer did invade his personal space.

  • G Fleming

    "Inequality stuff". Worthy of 70's D.L.T.

  • Randall Jonas

    wow the internet sucks

  • james brown

    muslim people thanking him, says it really, wish he would go back to injecting again

  • carpettrails

    here''s a great interview with him, enjoy!!


  • Doglyvich


  • MacDat Bac

    Looks like a failed attempt LMFAO

  • J Brand

    bloody maddening chaotic eccentric hobgobbling stink of an enigmatic thigh hair on a Jew it is.

  • plank

    Anytime you watch a Russell Brand video, the comments are full of people using unneccesary words to make themselves sound smart. Every single video, it's kind of embarrassing.

  • cholakicha

    Why are they shooting his feet? The man is stretching his deep glutes

  • cholakicha

    Well, nice try. He nearly made him annoyed though.

  • corsair death

    God I Fucking hate his pussy voice and accent. What did Katie find attractive in this average grease monkey wanker…?

  • skyhawk747

    Who the fuck is this interviewer? What a TWAT!!

  • Lynch Smith

    They way he articulates is incredible

  • Josef Mandel

    I like apples

  • GingerJoberton

    down with the old media! down with newspapers, the BBC.

    and from the ashes will come better newspapers, better BBC.

  • IA BP

    What a fucking creep.

  • Truth Sayer

    Just watched some guy kyle on a YT vid' "Russell Brand Rips Stephen Fry's Atheism" It was a amusing to say the least. Brand talked about the need to explain the obvious "design and fine-tuning' of the universe. Kyle responded with ""Yeh but who created/designed the designer (aka God)?" This smug schoolboy dribble barely warrants a response. Talk about a PASSING THE BUCK fallacy if ever there was a clearer example. This ploy cleverly side-tracts the need to explain the insurmountable evidence for design and and fine-tuning. Atheists like Hitching, Dawkins and this bunny, Kyle demand to know "who designed God? Not only that, it commits several others like the red herring fallacy A Red Herring is a fallacy btw, in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention from the original issue. The basic idea is to “win” an argument by leading attention away from the argument to another topic. This sort of “reasoning” has the following form: Topic A is under discussion. (e.g evidence for design and fine-tuning, Creation/Creator) Topic B is introduced under the guise of being relevant to topic A (when topic B is totally irrelevant to topic A). (e.g unicorns, flying spaghetti monster) Topic A is abandoned. This sort of “reasoning” is fallacious because it ignores the original argument merely changing the topic of discussion to a known falsehood. This strategy hardly counts as an argument against the original premise or claim. Every physical event or effect needs a cause but there cant be an infinite regress of past cause & effects. Like the universe, everything that began to exist, needs a cause. The finitude of time, demands there has to be an eternal (atemporal) immaterial non-contingent, unmoved mover, which theists call the uncaused first cause. Created gods dear Kyle, , is an oxymoron. Any being greater than God would itself be God! Who designed the Designer? Really!! The SETI research is interesting in looking for a signal that exhibits specified complexity, i.e one that can be identified & differentiated from random noise, one that is encoded in some way from which we can infer intelligibility. The sceptic who wants to throw in a red herring might quip, "Yeh, but we dont know who sent it, where it originated or how complex the encoder was!" Does one need to know the nature of a designer to recognize information, a signal, a language, an object or event as designed? HARDLY!!