Inside the Zeitgeist Revolution | Exclusive Interview with Peter Joseph

Inside the Zeitgeist Revolution | Exclusive Interview with Peter Joseph


Abby Martin speaks with Peter Joseph, founder to the Zeitgeist Movement about the philosophy behind the organization, the unsustainability of the current economic system and the model proposed by the movement for a sustainable future that works harmoniously with nature.
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  • Simar Kohli

    Great! Thank you for sharing.

  • Juan Martinez

    Zeitgeist Revolution!? The movie has been debunked so many times, I'm surprised any one associated with it is given any credibility at all! Just goes to show people will believe what makes them comfortable and confirms their thinking despite the facts. SMH

  • Sam cn21

    The best example for this is Breaking Bad!

  • My Turn


  • seemlyme

    Great interview. Keep up the great work

  • Jose Alberto G S Silva

    has anybody noticed the sound problem on Peter's voice? It's only a whisper… can't hear anything…

  • peedinkus

    This movement is merely another front on which to advance the agenda of the global oligarchy. This guy is yet another "usefull idiot" of his collectivist masters.

  • Steve919

    Peter Joseph a bitch portraying himself anti establishment when he smooths talks his bullshit con artist 

  • Steve919

    This is rhetoric at its finest he may be the Henry Kissinger of the NWO 

  • marcus colbert

    Love Peter Joseph.I follow the zeitgeist movement and donate to their projects.

  • TheBatt1958

    False prophet: fact checked a lot of his "history on Christianity origins" as it relates to other gods mentioned. Total bullshit! Thank you Wikipedia

  • David Wayne Bogard

    Another renegade of his time and age.

  • po st

    Very good. Peter Joseph is absolutely correct about the stystem we live in and its fundamental structural problems.

  • Jōvhxxæ Løöjxa

    The zeitgeist movement should become a political party in this country . I'm serious , we need change we are sale,Ing garbage to ourselves and our future, we are in so deep we can't see our true selfs and selfish….

  • timetraveller2020

    if humans don't wise up the nature will take care of em in a very unkind way.

  • Bernardo Sanchez

    smartest things I've ever heard

  • MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Excessive trade of cash crops and raw materials has caused the degradation of the land and everyone is trying to justify it. Why? To make us dependent on the system. Now you see GMOs being created to take away our ability to control our own seeds. In order to dominate this planet, you have to seize control of the food supply. "Free trade" is nothing more than an illusion created by greedy nations and multinational conglomerates

  • ian turner

    So communism? Fuck that!

  • raf A

    lol love abbys facial expressions.