In Memory of Michael C. Ruppert – Full Interview – “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” by Peter Joseph

From Peter Joseph, April 16th 2014:

In early 2010, I interviewed Michael C. Ruppert for a film.
This is the full interview with only minor editing.

Given his tragic death, I would like to say that Michael was an extremely rare person – far beyond what most see. While he certainly had no shortage of detractors and attackers, he also had courage unprecedented – fearless – and was an inspiration to millions, including myself.

Mike ruthlessly put forward and defended what he had concluded without intimidation or fear of reprisal. In the climate of tension common to the activist community, Mike was a pioneer…and sadly people with this kind of commitment and sensitivity often find tragic ends.

As a personal friend, this was a massive loss.

This interview, as with many he did, again shows his understanding of the world along with his relentless plea for humanity to change course.

While I, as a sustainability activist, do not necessarily agree with some of the pending consequences he had deemed inevitable, his logic is rock solid regarding his diagnosis of the problems at hand. The dark future he describes as possible, while certainly preventable in my mind, is far from irrational or extreme in the broad view.

Think for yourself… if we all agreed, there would be no progress.

His life’s work to bring justice, truth, sanity and progress to the world will live on in all of us who dare to care about the present mess we try to defend as “civilization”.

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  • S Freeman

    Peak Oil is utter garbage.


    2:23 Architects – from the wilderness <3

  • Ashley Raymond

    Wow, I had no idea he was no longer with us. :'( RIP.

  • Yan Senny

    thanks Mike , maintenant je voit plus clair


  • Andreas Christian-Murray

    Mike is bang on with the ridiculousness of the infinite oil paradigm. However, we the people have paid for all of the free energy, UFOs, sophisticated tech. which is not and has not been shared. The thieves have kept it to themselves and are destroying the planet. Round them up.

  • Adam Artz

    "We live in an infinite growth paradigm. Nothing grows forever, it's not possible. As a great, uh, psychologist James Hillman wrote: "The only thing that grows in the human body after a certain age is cancer." and I think that that's clearly what we're seeing at the end of human industrial civilization with the population approaching seven billion."

  • Metal For Life

    We may be infinite, but this world is not.
    Something that we once knew, that we long forgot.

    We're waiting for the world to save itself.
    'Cause nothing is built to last.
    We're writing our epitaph.
    So reset and start again.
    'Cause we all know how this ends,
    Before long we'll be dead and gone.

  • marcel W

    Architects – From The Wilderness

  • Angela Coudenys

    Mike I don't believe you killed yourself- I wish you were here in 2016!!!

  • Ridhuan Abu Bakar

    very good interview